Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Akkala Tower Walkthrough

Your journey in Hyrule will bring you to the Akkala Tower, the first level in Chapter 4. This Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Akkala Tower Walkthrough will help you reach the end of Akkala Tower with a detailed step-by-step walkthrough.

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Akkala Tower

The ‘Akkala Tower’ mission features a curious excavation of the Akkala Citadel, as you cut through a bunch of Yiga Clan members to reach the conclusion in a face-off with a Yiga blademaster and Sooga.

Fight off the Yiga Clan Members
The mission starts off with a fight against Yiga Clan members along with two Blademasters.

Defeat both of them, and the Guardian will clear the debris ahead on the bridge for you to move forward.

You can find a Korok seed near the starting area. Enter the research building and find the pinwheel Korok right next to the strange blue device.

Go to the Akkala Tower
The path through the bridge will be clear now, head forward and capture the area. Fight off the enemies in this area. The baby guardian won’t be powered yet so as to activate the blue furnace.

Fight off the Blademaster on the bridge and power up the four ancient furnaces found throughout the map.

You can find a Korok seed at the North-Western corner of the map. The Korok flower is to your right as you leave through the wooden exit of the outpost.

The second Korok seed can be found at the South-Western corner of the map. You can find the tree stump in this area with the Korok seed.

Inside the Akkala Tower
After you’ve successfully lit up all of the furnaces, the Guardian will cause all of the Yiga Clan to flee in terror from inside the room. The gate will be left open, leaving an opening for you.

You can find the Korok seed in the courtyard outside of the citadel, inside the cannons.

Go through the corridor on your left after entering the citadel. You will find Sooga, ready to fight you.

Once you deal enough damage, he will leave. Head upstairs and collect the Korok seed from the glowing light on the floor. In the next room, you’ll find the Blue Lynel (A stronger version of Lynel).

Your next destination will have you set up against Lizalfos. This will be fairly easy compared to your previous encounters.

After this, you’ll reach your third outpost, filled to the brim with enemies. Start the encounter, and Sooga will soon appear. Chop down his health, only to have him vanish again.

The previously locked door will now be unlocked in the round room. You can find Sooga here, and a Yiga Blademaster. Fight them off to complete the mission.