Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Air and Lightning Walkthrough

In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Air and lightning will be the third level of chapter 5. In the following Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Air and Lightning walkthrough, we will go through the entire process of completing this level and reach all the Korok seed locations so that you can obtain these Collectibles.

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Air and Lightning

You need to make sure that before you start this level, you have completed Calamity Strike. Only then will this level unlock.

Air and Lightning Walkthrough
At the start of the quest, you will get to direct two characters.

One will be on the western waypoint, while the one you get to play as first will deal with the Black Moblins.

Upon starting, go up the eastern part to the first waypoint. You will find a black Moblin here, so kill it.

Now back to the original character, take it to the western side after.

There are two moblins from here; the ice one is in the South and the black one is on the left. Deal with them both.

You can also find few Korok seeds here.

Find the walls on the bottom left side of the map, bomb the wall between the two waypoints, where you see the cracks, to find the korok seed.

The next korok seed is on the western side from the area you deal with the first black Moblin. Go to the edge of the cliff to find it.

When the four posts on the map are cleared of enemies, it’s time to go to the only part left.

This area is being guarded by a Lynel that makes electric attacks as he dashes forward. Gather your characters and kill this Lynel to enter the Divine Beast.

Now you need to deal with Thunderblight Ganon, the electric boss who has a wide range of electric attacks and not only that, he also is very good at sword attacks.

When you see 4 glowing circles on the floor, dodge right to avoid his electric attacks.

If you stun him, be ready for his retaliation in the form of repeated Sword Attacks.

At the mid of the waypoint, the boss will divide into three.

Utilize elemental rods here to try and deal with all three of the illusions quickly.

The next part is to rescue Revali. Now you will have two waypoints! Send one of your companions to the other and make your way to fight off Ice Hinox.

You will have to deal with Ice Wizzrobe first though, so stack up on ammo.

Use the fire rods against both these enemies and then head to the second waypoint to deal with another Hinox in the same way.

Once the Hinoxes are dead, head through the newly opened gates towards the mountains.

Before getting into a further fight, go opposite to the mountain to find some Koroks. In the top right corner of the map, go past the Wizzrobe and find the tree stumps.

For the second one, go to the northern area and find the updraft. You will reach a Korok Ballon. Use Stasis to obtain it.

Now go to the western side following the mountains and kill the White Maned Lynel here.

Use elemental rods as they are the most effective. Once the Lynel is dead, there is one more Korok to obtain.

Before using the updraft to go to the divine beast, look for the Korok flower on your left.

The next boss will be Windblight Ganon. This guy has diversified attacks, the mini tornados, light ray attacks and laser attacks too!

The best you could do is so stay out of its way and attack only when you find an opening.

When his health drops down to half, he will deploy strong laser beams against you, which can be countered with Remote bombs and the giant tornados too, which you can deal with using Stasis.

Now you will have the control of the divine beast, Van Medoh. The special attack it deploys can easily take out dozens of outposts.

Surprisingly Windblight Ganon will be there too! Fortunately, he will only deploy light attacks.

Attack him to get him out of your way so that you can deal with the 44 posts within 6 minutes.

When that’s done, the boss will come back again. Guard and attack and surprise him with your special attack to finish the mission.