PS5 & Xbox Series S Inducted As “Best Inventions Of 2020”

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S—not Xbox Series X—were launched barely a couple of weeks ago but have already been recognized as the most innovating inventions in the field of entertainment.

According to an annual list compiled by Time magazine to recognize the 100 best inventions of 2020, PS5 combines small advancements “to create a revolutionary experience” in the field of entertainment. In addition to a custom solid-state drive that loads games almost instantaneously, the accompanying DualSense controller “adds a new dimension of play” with its new haptic feedback sensors and adaptive triggers. PS5 “may be the most powerful video-game console” ever seen and is hence deserving of a spot on the list.

Xbox Series S on the other hand “forms the basis of what could become the Netflix of video games.” Xbox Game Pass allows subscribers to access new releases on the same day of release. The trimmed-down hardware features alongside a missing disc drive help lower down cost while still being able to “run high-resolution games at 120 frames per second, a 100 percent increase over its predecessor.” Xbox Series S hence is also deserving of a spot on the list.

That however is not putting down Xbox Series X in any way. The flagship console of Microsoft sports better hardware power than PS5, at least on paper. Xbox Series X too allows players to make full use of Xbox Game Pass as well as other Xbox-related services. Xbox Series S is the cheaper alternative which locks horns with the all-digital PS5 but comes out winning due to a $100 difference.

Besides PS5 and Xbox Series S, the prestigious Time magazine hails Animal Crossing: New Horizons as the best game of 2020 for purely its simplicity. “More than 26 million players cultivated small islands, tilling the land, designing houses and managing a community…friends can also drop by for a visit—a rare, if virtual, comfort in these days of social distancing.”

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