Geoff Keighley Sparks Speculation With The Last Of Us 2 Tease

The Last Of Us 2 has been out for several months now, and despite its divisive reception has gone on to be a great success for Naughty Dog. However, Geoff Keighley has sparked a new wave of speculation with a recent The Last Of Us 2 tease that has yet to be explained.

The tease in question had both Keighley and the game’s composer, Gustavo Santaolalla, saying that it was “just the beginning.” There was no elaboration on this, but many believe that it refers either to the game’s upcoming multiplayer mode, or a DLC in the same vein as Left Behind from the original Last Of Us.

Whatever the two of them are referring to, we’ll most likely see it at the actual Game Awards when the show happens on December 10. Along with its awards, the show is often host to a number of announcements and trailers for other games.

There’s really no telling what the Last Of Us 2 tease might be referring to specifically, however. While “Just the beginning” appears to be some kind of arcing phrase that may go through the story of something, there’s no real hints at its use, either aside from it, obviously, being the start of something.

The phrase could be referring to the Seraphites, the cult from the game’s story mode, or some other faction, possibly the Fireflies or Washington Liberation Front, or even an entirely new faction. It may not even be referring to anything like that, and may just be the start of a new story arc for a future game.

Either way, with the 2020 Game Awards coming up on December 10, hopefully we won’t have very long to wait before we actually get information on what this Last Of Us 2 tease is, alongside whatever other games will be shown off at the Game Awards. The game is currently available on the Playstation 4, and can also be played on Playstation 5.