Steam Beta Update Improves DualSense Support

The new DualSense wireless controller of PlayStation 5 was already working with Steam straight out of the box but without support for its unique features. That level of support for the controller has now been increased by Valve.

Steam Client Beta was updated earlier today and according the given patch notes adds “additional support for the PS5 DualSense controller including LED, trackpad, rumble, and gyro functionality.” The covers everything except for the adaptive triggers which should be supported as well in a future update.

Valve has notably been fairly quick in supporting the new DualSense controller. PlayStation 5 was launched just last week, albeit its new controller went up on sale in certain markets a few weeks prior. The pace certainly suggests that Steam will end up fully supporting DualSense in time for the holidays.

It should also be noted that the aforementioned updates have only been rolled out for the beta client. There are hence a few pending issues that need to be ironed out. DualSense, for example, still shows Xbox buttons on the screen and the rumble functionality only works when the controller is wired. The current live Steam version will receive the updates once beta testers are done.

Being able to use DualSense with Steam games opens up a lot of opportunities. Sony Interactive Entertainment did point out that adding support for the new haptic feedback and adaptive triggers will depend on the developers and their games, at least in the case of third-party games. PS5 will likely serve as a good enough reason to prioritize the said features. Once DualSense gets fully supported by Steam, developers will have to consider adding the same support for PC as well.

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