Street Fighter 6 Will Be Cross-Gen, With Probable Cross-Play

Street Fighter 6 has not been officially announced but Capcom has reportedly been working on the game for at least the entirety of 2020. Its existence alongside a few additional details have now surfaced.

According to more leaked documents from the recent ransomware attack, Street Fighter 6 will be a cross-generation release. The new fighting installment will hence release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X alongside PC. There has so far been no mention of a Nintendo Switch version which may as well go into development down the road.

Street Fighter 6 being a cross-generation release should not be puzzling. Fighting games always need a substantial player-base which Capcom already has with Street Fighter 5. The latest installment has sold more than 5 million copies worldwide across PS4 and PC.

The leaked documents further ascertain that unlike last-generation, Capcom will not be skipping the Xbox platform. Street Fighter 6 will release for both Xbox One and Xbox Series X (including Xbox Series S) which will only ensure a sizable player-base for quick matchmaking.

The numbers also open up prospect for cross-play support similar to how Street Fighter 5 pairs players between PS4 and PC. Whether Capcom will be adding cross-platform support is something which remains to be seen.

Capcom is said to be dialing back the sexualization of female characters in Street Fighter 6. The developer and publisher wants sex appeal to be equal between all genders and to be within the context of the storyline or overall narrative. The female roster of the new installment should hence have new character designs that are not as awkward as say Laura and R. Mika.

Street Fighter 6 was rumored to be releasing in late 2021 before director Yoshinori Ono was replaced due to negative feedback from internal testers. The new release window may possibly have been pushed ahead by another year at least.

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