Spider-Man Reportedly Hits 20 Million Units Sold

Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 has apparently achieved a major milestone in sales which is not only deserving but also unsurprising.

According to an updated LinkedIn profile of David Bull, senior manager of global brand marketing at PlayStation, Spider-Man has sold “over 20 million copies globally” which would be an increment of nearly 7 million units sold in the past year since the last reported figure was 13.2 million units sold by August 2019.

While official confirmation remains pending from publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Insomniac Games, Spider-Man crossing the 20-million sale barrier should not come as a surprise. Those sales numbers are only going to boost exponentially from hereon with the launch of PlayStation 5.

The next-generation PlayStation successor not only features a remastered version of the original Spider-Man game but also a mini sequel of sorts featuring Miles Morales as the web-slinger. The latter of which was reportedly the best-selling game on PS5 during the first four days of launch in Japan.

In an interview from last week, Sony chairman and chief executive Kenichiro Yoshida stated that first-party exclusives (like Spider-Man) were mostly responsible for the success PS4 enjoyed in the last console generation. He further revealed that God of War as a franchise has now sold more than 51 million copies worldwide, which possibly means that the recent God of War on PS4 has either crossed or is close to 20 million copies sold.

Even though an official confirmation would be helpful; God of War and Spider-Man can safely be pegged as two exclusive PS4 games which have sold more than 40 million copies combined in a single generation. That is something which powers the PlayStation brand and what fans expect from PS5 in the near future.

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