PS5 Sold Over 118,000 Units In Japan In First 4 Days

Unofficial figures have arrived to claim how well PlayStation 5 sold in Japan during its launch week. These figures should suffice until Sony Interactive Entertainment comes forth with official sales numbers.

According to a report by Famitsu earlier today, PS5 and its all-digital edition sold around 118,085 units combined in Japan during the first four days of launch—between November 12 and November 15.

The report does not provide a breakdown between the disc and discless editions. According to Niko Partners’ senior analyst Daniel Ahmad though, nearly nine disc editions were sold for every single discless edition in Japan.

PS4 in comparison sold over 300,000 units in Japan during the first week of launch. The estimated PS5 sales numbers are hence fairly lower than their last-generation iterations. It needs to be considered that PS4 was launched in Japan a bit later than the rest of the world. The late launch helped Sony to face no supply issues. There were also no manufacturing and shipping challenges brought forth by COVID-19 back then. The said factors can possibly be taken as prominent reasons for the lower number of PS5 consoles sold in the country.

The Japanese report further states that Spider-Man: Miles Morales was the best-selling game on PS5 during the same period which sold around 18,640 copies. Demon’s Souls, the remake, came next with nearly the same 18,607 units sold.

As for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, both consoles reportedly sold around 20,534 units combined in Japan during the first six days of launch—between November 10 and November 15.

To point out once again, all aforementioned figures are of Japan and for the launch week. The overall sales numbers are obviously much higher when factoring in other regions. PlayStation 5 will launch in the rest of the world tomorrow on November 19. That should further boost sales numbers following the initial launch in select regions on November 12.

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