How to Mute the DualSense 5 Controller Microphone

The PS5 is here along with the new Dualsense controller. Along with a variety of options and features, players have the in-built mic for the controller which is on by default. Should you wish to turn it off, we prepared this guide to show How to Mute the DualSense 5 Controller Microphone on PS5.

How to Mute the DualSense 5 Controller Microphone

We detail below how one would go about turning it off or disabling the in-built mic of DualSense 5 controller on your brand new PlayStation 5 console.

The Controller Button
Sony apparently has given players a button on the DualSense 5 controller itself, that can be used to handle mic and audio options.

The dedicated button is located underneath the ‘PS’ button, in between the two joysticks.

The way to use it is, a quick press toggles the Mic on and off.

Long-pressing the button leads to muting the mic input as well as all PS5 audio output from your connected TV, speakers, or headset.

You can see if your mic is muted or not as the button will have an orange/red highlight when the mic is off.

Disabling the Controller Mic
This is for those players, who don’t want the least bit of risk of having their mics turned on, and don’t want to bother turning the mic off every time they turn on their consoles.

You can go into the settings and disable it from there, and then they don’t have to worry about repeatedly turning off their mics manually.

Just go to your PS5 settings and then enter the Sound options menu.

Among all the settings look for the ‘Microphone Status When Logged In’ and check the Mute option. This stops the microphone from automatically turning on when you boot up your PS5.

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