Hot PS5 Can Be A Cause Of Low Internet/Download Speeds

The growing pains of a new generation are coming in full force on the Playstation 5. Most recently, a new issue has cropped up that claims a hot PS5 can be the cause of slow internet and download speeds. Mainly, that if it’s not able to cool off enough, your speed will suffer.

One part of the Playstation 5’s design is its revolutionary cooling setup, which allows it to keep cooler through the use of new technologies and a new design, hence its weird blossom-style design where it blossoms open. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need help.

The issue was first apparently brought up on ResetEra, where a player claimed that while they had their Playstation 5 on its side in their entertainment center, their download speed was 30 megabytes per second, but when they took it out and stood it on its side, it went up to 150 or 180 mbps.

Even outside of the hot PS5 issue, cooling is a major issue for any electronic device, whether it’s a video game console, a computer, or some other portable electronic device. Not only do the vents need to be unobstructed, but there also needs to be enough space for the heat to leave.

While this isn’t necessarily a hardware issue, the solution is at least simple: put your Playstation 5 where it has plenty of room to vent all of its excess heat. With the greater processing power of video game consoles this generation, they’ll be putting off a lot of heat, so you’ll have to adjust.

So, if you’ve been having issues with the wifi and download speeds of your Playstation 5, try taking it out of your entertainment center or at least moving it to a place that’s better ventilated, like next to your television or on a nearby table. That’s the best wya to alleviate any hot PS5 issues you have.