Is God of War Ragnarok PS4 Release Possible? Jim Ryan Isn’t Telling

Sony CEO Jim Ryan has nothing to say about the possibility of a God of War Ragnarok PS4 release. While the game is supposed to be releasing on the Playstation 5 at some point in 2021, some people have wondered if it might also be a cross-generational title capable of being played on the Playstation 4.

While Ryan was mum on the possibility of a port, however, he did say that he didn’t see anything wrong with releasing Playstation 5 games on both consoles. However, that likely won’t be as simple as some gamers could think, considering the difference between the pair.

God of War Ragnarok was announced in September in the Playstation 5’s presentation will be the next phase of Kratos and Atreus’s story, which left off in the previous God of War with the two of them killing Baldur, the Norse god of light, and kickstarting Ragnarok. That, plus Atreus’s real name, Loki, doesn’t bode well for the world.

A God of War Ragnarok PS4 release might be possible, since Sony apparently doesn’t want to leave the Playstation 4 behind too fast. Even though the company had previously stated that launch titles for the Playstation 5 wouldn’t be cross-gen compatible, we may still see other games later on launching there as well.

So far, Playstation’s word has held true, as Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and the Demon’s Souls remake are all Playstation 5 exclusive. But there’s no way of telling exactly what games will come to both consoles in the future, if any do at all.

Either way, we’ll have to wait for more information before we seriously consider the possibility of a God of War Ragnarok PS4 port. Since it’s coming out supposedly in 2021, we’ll hopefully get some kind of information about it at some point early next year, or maybe even at that year’s E3 (or equivalent depending on Covid-19).