How to Get Real Club Logos in Football Manager 2021

In this Football Manager 2021 guide, we’ll show you how to get real club logos to improve your overall immersion as if you are managing a real football team.

Football Manager 2021 players would definitely be enjoying the in-depth football management simulation that the game provides. However, even though the simulation is top-notch, the graphics could be lacking.

Football Manager 2021 Real Club Logos

Player’s faces and the logos of the teams in Football Manager 2021 are all just made up. Gamers, therefore, do not get those real-life football team managing vibes.

This shouldn’t be a problem for you anymore because it has a very easy and straightforward solution.

The first and foremost step is to download your required badge pack that you will, later on, install into your game following this guide.

A lot of websites are there from where you can easily download these batches.

How to Download Football Manager 21 club logos

The highest recommended website from where you can download these badges would be Sortitoutsi.

You can expect to find not only the latest season’s badges but also the ones pertaining to older seasons.

You can also choose whether you want metallic, shiny or basic badges. One downloaded file can even give you access to 300,000 badges too!

TCMlogos is also a very considerable choice to get your badges from.

The badges will not exactly be like those in real life since the licenses to use real life badges is quite expensive and Sports Interactive cannot manage that yet.

The badges you get from TCMlogos are as close as you can get to the real ones.

How to Install Club Logos

Once the Football Manager 21 badges file is downloaded, you just need to follow a few simple steps to get it to work.

Unzip the file and copy the contents so that you can paste them in the following folder: Documents> Sports Interactive> Football Manager 2021.

Open the Football Manager 2021 location and create a new folder naming it ‘graphics’.  Now copy/ paste all the contents from the face pack into this folder.

Finally, you need to run the game and tweak some in-game settings. Enter Menu and go to Preferences.

From Advance, choose Interface and then Skin. Untick the option saying ‘ use caching to decrease page loading times’ and tick ’reload skin when changing preference’.

Now press Reload skin to finish the step and load the badges pack into the Football Manager 2021.

This way you will be able to enjoy the game as it is supposed to be. All the player’s faces will be updated and the graphics will get overall better too.