Spider-Man: Miles Morales Looters Walkthrough

Looters is a side mission in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. In this Spider-Man: Miles Morales Looters side mission walkthrough, we will tell you everything that you need to know about this Side Mission.

Spider-Man Miles Morales Looters

Teo’s Grocery Store
You will get this side mission from the Teo’s shop. Head out of your apartment and go to the corner shop across the street. Teo’s name can be clearly seen once you reach that corner shop.

Once you enter the shop, you will see that the shop is robbed and a special cat is also missing.

Power Station
Teo will tell you that the robbers might be at the power station, which is close to Roxxon Plaza. Go to the power station and climb to the top of the building.

Now find a way to get inside the building. There is a window on the top from where you can get in.

When you get into the building, crawl on the wall and enter the next room in the building.

Beat the Robbers
In this room, you will find some robbers. Beat the robbers, stealthily if you can.

You can head to the top and beat the thug who has guns first and then web up the others to beat them all.

Restore Power
Once you’ve defeated the robbers, Ganke will tell you a way to restore your power.

For that, you have to go to a backup unit with red light and flickering orange panel on the wall. Venom punch it to restore your power.

Once you have restored the power, you will spot Teo’s cat. Follow Teo’s cat. Press R1 and L1 to raise the elevator by turning the wheel.

Then press R1 to the web and crawl through it to follow the cat. Get down through the shaft and will eventually get into a room full of enemies.

Here you can use different techniques for beating the enemies.

You can also beat them without others noticing by distracting the other enemies. If the other guys do notice, be ready for a brawl.

After beating these thugs, the lights will turn off.

Now you can enter the hall and go through the vent, which will take you to a room where more robbers are working on something.

Some of them have guns and melee weapons as well, so you have to decide wisely which one to take first and when to attack them all.

When you have defeated them, all restore your power by venom punching the close by backup generator on the wall.

After that, get into the vent in the wall, which will take to the main breaker room.

In this room, you will find more robbers, but you have something here to experiment with.

You can web the thug there and then use things like fans and shelves to beat the enemies.

Use Backup generator to power up breaker
Once you are done with the robbers here, you will notice that nothing is happening by interacting with the breaker.

Now you can press R3 to see the cable line going up. Go up and smash the backup generator to power it up.

This wouldn’t work properly because of a gap between the red cables. Here use your web as a conductor to power up the Breaker completely.

During this, you will see a brute with Cat accompany by some robbers as well.

You have to web up the enemies with weapons first and use some web shots to prevent brute from moving. You can use the venom punch to stun the group of enemies.

When all the enemies are beaten and you and the brute are left, you have to keep in mind that normal attacks will not work on the brute.

You have to use attacks like Venom punch to soften them. Attack the brute after that and more brutes will also join the fight.

You just have to take them close to the wall so you can use the web to wrap them all at once and take them out of the fight.

Back to Teo
Once all the robbers are beaten, you have to rescue the cat, turn on the breaker and get out of the power station.

The Cat will not bother you while you are swinging in the air. Simply go to Teo and complete the mission.

You will be rewarded with 1500 XP and 10x activity tokens for completing this side mission.

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