Spider-Man: Miles Morales Corporate Espionage walkthrough

The tenth mission of Spider-Man: Miles Morales is known as Corporate Espionage and in this walkthrough, we cover each and every aspect of this mission. Let’s get started.

Spider-Man Miles Morales Corporate Espionage

Corporate Espionage takes place in Chinatown and completing the mission rewards Miles with 4,500 XP.

Infiltrating the Lab
Go ahead and swing on over to Chinatown, where you will have to locate one of the Roxxon labs.

One way to identify the lab is that the color of the building is black and has a glowing Roxxon neon sign.

For you to enter inside of that building, you will have to go through the guards who are at the door.

Outside, there are three, including one with a heavy melee knife, so stealth assault him and take out his mates.

Go on and locate the connecting power supply and rip open the case to lower the vent shields, overload it, and consume its electricity.

You will be confronted with some challenges in the form of revolving fans as you crawl inside.

To slip through and crawl down to a lower level, use your web shooter to stop the fans.

You’ll soon drop out into a space full of pipes, so jump over the water to squeeze through a gap in the wall on the other side, then descend the long drop to the floor below.

The door behind you will start to open almost immediately, so utilize your camouflage to escape the Roxxon security patrol as they pass through the room.

It is not necessary that you have to fight them, just make sure that they don’t bump into you.

Locating the Phone
When the guards have left, move towards the hall from where they came from to find an ally.

This new friend will agree to help you out and you will get some Remote Mines. These mines are pretty useful at dispatching mobs of enemies

Slip into a room full of Roxxon security with your new gadget through the nearest vent.

Then aim for a fuse box on the floor to toss your mine on and detonate it to shock up to three enemies at once.

Zip slam into the guard alone at the top of the stairs while their friends move to check, then turn around to quietly carry out the remaining guards.

Look up at the right wall until they’re dealt with, to see a vent over a door you can zip through.

Travel through the hallway and up into a larger space full of more security guards.

Now, wait for a guard to walk left to another console, then throw a remote mine at the fuse box present in front of him.

Check out the terminal they were using to unlock some other Roxxon Labs locations and move on.

To locate the big room with the fan where the phone was misplaced, move fast through the open window in front of the terminal.

There are many snipers posted along the catwalks here, so start at the top and wait for the guards patrolling between them to quietly leave the snipers vulnerable.

On the top floor, there are two snipers and two patrollers.

It’s a smart idea to take time to identify all the targets and watch them as they pass across the fan and first grab the snipers while the others are out of sight.

Going down to the next floor, there are 5 more guards here but no snipers.

Look for the guards who patrol around the outer ring and keep themselves alone first to pick them off from their mates.

Then circle back to the inner circle where the others who do not move around are. Slowly but surely whittle them down stealthily and you’ll be set.

You’ll need to drop down to a catwalk just above the fan blades to avoid the fan long enough for you to get to the phone, and aim for a huge gear that you can yank to expose a bunch of wiring.

Web up the gears, then yank on the wires to turn off the fan and jump down to get the phone.

Shutting down the Nuform Reactor
Miles will have a change of plans after learning the awful truth about Roxxon’s secrets.

After your ally reluctantly decides to help, swing back up to the above platforms while the shields are lifted around the reactor, much like the generator outside.

Your venom meter and health will start to fluctuate, so you’d better shift and go down the corridor.

Your wellbeing will start stabilizing by the time you hit a wall to climb up, and you will swing up to space above.

There will seem to be a Roxxon Shield Guard targeting you. These are a bit trickier to dispatch as they can absorb some of your attacks.

You will need to hold onto their shield with your webs to make them weak or get close and do a venom leap to get them into the air so they can’t protect themselves.

Through their shields, they can also use strong slamming attacks and will fire bursts of energy your way or charge you very quickly, so be prepared.

You’ll find your friend after shortly after taking the shield guard out, only to get ambushed in a room full of separate Roxxon guards.

Now you’re going to have support. You’ll also have to deal with grenade launchers, Shield Guards, and other enemies.

Continue to battle through the waves of enemies but note that the waves will keep coming until a certain point when you’ll need to make an escape.

The camera will zoom onto an explosion, signaling that it’s time to make a run for it.

This concludes the mission as well as our walkthrough of the Corporate Espionage mission of Spider-Man Miles Morales so you can proceed to Underground Undercover.

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