New PS5 System Software Update Comes With Stability Promises

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released a brand new system software update for PlayStation 5 that proud owners are advised to download as soon as possible.

PS5 update 20.02-02.25.00 went live earlier today and weighs in around 900MB. Sony has not released any patch notes except that the new “system software update improves system performance.” That is obviously vague when considering the update size but players should update their consoles nonetheless.

It can be hoped that the said update addresses technical issues which many players have been experiencing since launch. These include PS5 crashing and bricking concerns which were reportedly being caused due to the use of external storage drives. Some have also reported their new PlayStation 5 consoles to be shutting down at random and wiping save files due to rest mode.

If not Sony, expect players to soon confirm what the new system software update exactly addresses. In any case, the update probably readies PS5 for its worldwide launch. The console was launched in a few selected regions on November 12 and will be hitting the rest of the world on November 19.

For those either waiting on their pre-orders or searching for available units, consider passing the time with this point-and-click PS5 simulator. The game allows players to unbox their new console, assemble peripherals, and finally plug and play the console itself. While being a poor substitute, the game should suffice until you get your hands on the actual thing.

PlayStation 5 retails at $500. Its all-digital edition retails at $400 and features the same hardware as the standard flagship console except for the disc drive. Anyone in favor of managing a digital library will probably find more use in the all-digital edition. You can spend that extra $100 on the launch games.

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