Microsoft Wants Bethesda Games On Xbox To Be First Or Best

Xbox executive Tim Stuart spoke at the Jeffries Interactive Entertainment Conference last week, and said that Microsoft wants Bethesda games on Xbox consoles to be either the first or best there. This gives us more of a window into the company’s plan and why they bought Bethesda to begin with.

Microsoft bought Zenimax Media Group (and thus Bethesda) earlier this year, making all of its affiliated studios more of the different Xbox Game Studios that the company has focused on acquiring for the past few years.

While Bethesda has been the root of a large amount of controversy the past few years due to games that seem half-finished due to bugs or other missing content, their games do sell a sizable amount whenever they come out, and for some time many glitches were seen as charming.

Even games that aren’t developed by Bethesda are very profitable, such as Doom Eternal, which came out several months ago. But Bethesda games on Xbox could turn out to be a good thing, especially if Microsoft exercises more quality control on Bethesda titles.

The acquisition won’t involve Microsoft pulling Bethesda games away from other consoles, but going by Stuart’s own words we’ll likely see the games coming out as timed exclusives on the Xbox Series X and future Xbox consoles, or at least looking the best on them.

Considering how powerful the Xbox Series X is, that last bit definitely won’t be a problem for any future Bethesda games on Xbox, but Microsoft and Xbox have said in the past that exclusivity isn’t their goal this generation, it’s getting more people to play games together.

This is the reason why many formerly Xbox-exclusive games like Halo, Gears of War, and Sea of Thieves are now on PC, and have met a great deal of success on that platform as well. Either way, Bethesda has voiced its approval of its acquisition, so hopefully this turns out to be a mutually beneficial partnership.