EA Trademarks Fury Soccer, A New Soccer Game or Mode?

Electronic Arts has recently trademarked the name “Fury Soccer”, sparking some speculation at what exactly the term is intended to be used for. While it could be an entirely new soccer game to give players a break from FIFA, it could also be a new FIFA mode yet to be announced.

Trademarks often give us at least some kind of new information about a game that’s in the works, but in this case considering EA already has a soccer game, one can only guess at what the trademark’s real purpose is. And since it’s just a trademark, we likely won’t learn anything anytime soon.

The trademark is definitely intended for something video game-related at least. Many other soccer clubs and teams out in the wild have named themselves some variant of “Fury”, so of course a game (or game mode) called Fury Soccer would likely need to distinguish itself.

Of course, this also brings up the possibility of what the game might be like. Will it be another realistic simulator like other EA Sports games? Will it be a much more over-the-top and action-driven game for the less-passionate fans like Rocket League? We’ll probably have to wait for a trailer to see for ourselves.

If it is a new FIFA game mode, we can only take a similar attitude towards it then, as well. While there haven’t been any really new FIFA modes for a good while, it could be possible that EA is thinking of something new to break up the monotony of either having Career Mode or Ultimate Team available.

Whatever Fury Soccer aims to be, however, hopefully it will help to bring a new spin on a genre that many are souring on due to a lack of real innovation and constant yearly releases. Hopefully EA will be releasing a trailer for it soon that will explain more.