How World Tendency Works in Demon’s Souls Remake

World Tendency is one of those factors that shape the difficulty and various other aspects of the game. This guide will help you understand the concept of World Tendency in Demon’s Souls Remake.

Demon’s Souls PS5 is a complex and nuanced game, with many factors affecting the game world in different ways and World Tendency is one of those mechanics with multiple layers to understand.

Demon’s Souls Remake World Tendency

Each of the main worlds in Demon’s Souls Remake has a “Tendency” that dictates the enemies in the level.

This Tendency ranges from Pure Black, Black, Grey, White to Pure White; Grey being the default Tendency, Pure Black being the Lowest and Pure White being the highest tendency.

World Tendency in Demon’s Souls determines enemy health, their damage output as well as the items they drop. It may even determine whether some doors are open or not.

World Tendency can be affected by various actions that you perform while playing Demon’s Souls PS5.

White Tendency

White World Tendency tends to make the game easier. It reduces enemy HP as well as the damage they deal.

This makes the game easier but is counter-balanced by the fact that enemies provide fewer souls and drop common and smaller items.

White World Tendency also increases the chances of friendly NPCs to appear in events.

New weapons and items become obtainable, whereas areas that were previously sealed off, become available due to new paths opening up, which can only be accessed with Pure White Tendency.

Following actions will help you increase the Tendency of the world towards White:

  • In World 1, you will face two dragons, a Red and a Blue. Kill either one of them to increase towards White Tendency by 1. Generally, killing the Red dragon is easier as all you need to do is stand ad time your arrow shots. The Blue Dragon on the other hand, you get a great weapon if you manage to shoot off its tail.
  • Black Phantom NPC can be found in-game, a total of five of these are present. Killing each one of them increases the World Tendency towards white by 1.
  • Similar to NPC Black Phantoms, killing invading Black Phantoms will also increase your World Tendency by 1.
  • Killing any of the bosses throughout the game increases the tendency by 1.
  • Primeval Demons are enemies that only appear towards the Black tendency. These are difficult demons, and killing them increases the tendency by 3 points.

Black Tendency

Black Tendency makes the game more difficult than it already is by empowering the enemies. They have more HP and deal greater damage.

In return for your hardships, your LUCK stat gains a boost and enemies give more souls, and drop more rare items.

Similar to White Tendency, some areas are only accessible for players with Pure Black Tendency and a handful of unique NPCs appear with desirable loot.

Pure Black Tendency is perfect for grinding items and Souls.

Following actions will help you increase the Tendency of the world towards Black:

  • The best way to rapidly decrease tendency is to die outside the Nexus in human form. Each time you die in human form, you will decrease the tendency by 1.
  • Killing Human NPCs you find in the game will also help to decrease the World Tendency by 1 for each NPC killed.
  • Kill King Doran found in 1-1 to decrease World Tendency towards Black.

How to Implement the Effect of Tendency

You must know that even though you might increase or decrease your World tendency completely in a single playthrough, the effect of this change will not appear spontaneously.

To see the effects of change in tendency, you need to return to Nexus so that the changes in Tendency is implemented in the game world.

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