Xbox Series X And Series S Reportedly Sold Over 1 Million Units At Launch

The new Xbox Series X and Series S consoles were launched worldwide nearly a week ago. Microsoft has so far only teased that launch-day set a new record for the “largest launch in Xbox history,” but a closer look by third-party sources yield impressive launch numbers.

According to a report by VGChartz earlier today, Xbox Series X and Series S sold around 1.2 – 1.4 million units combined worldwide on their first day of launch. These figures presumably include pre-orders but should not be taken as the official wording. The estimation appears to be roughly based on the fact that the last-generation Xbox One sold just over 1 million units at launch.

“The Xbox Series X was the more popular version of the platform, with launch day sales between 800,000 and 925,000 units,” reads the report. “The Xbox Series S sold between 400,000 and 475,000 units.”

Microsoft however will not be providing any acknowledgement on the mentioned sales numbers. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, recently confirmed that Microsoft will only share the number of monthly players on Xbox Series X and Series S as well as Xbox-related services such as Xbox Game Pass when going forward.

He added that the number of Xbox Series X and Series S consoles sold will not be shared even if sales trump PlayStation 5. He explained that Microsoft has no interest in focusing on “how many individual pieces of plastic” were sold on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Xbox Series X and Series S saw a substantially high demand in all major regions during the pre-order phase. All major as well as minor retailers were sold out of available units within minutes or the hour. Amazon Japan, for example, sold out its next-generation Xbox stock two times in a row.

The same happened in the United States, United Kingdom, and Mexico where pre-orders lasted just a couple of minutes.

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