Spider-Man: Miles Morales Harlem FEAST Shutdown Walkthrough

Our Spider-Man Miles Morales Harlem FEAST Shutdown Walkthrough will cut short the work for you and get you up to speed with every step of the way in Harlem FEAST Shutdown mission.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Harlem FEAST Shutdown

Harlem FEAST Shutdown is basically a side mission which is located in Harlem.

On finishing this side mission, you’ll be rewarded with 1500 XP and 10x Activity Tokens.

Below, you’ll find the detailed walkthrough of this side mission. So, let’s get started!

Harlem FEAST Shutdown
First things first, make your way to the top of the F.E.A.S.T Center near your apartment in Harlem.

Enter the stairway behind the door to switch to the regular Miles Morales. After that, you’ll find yourself outside the F.E.A.S.T Center.

Now, meet the woman named Gloria working the soup kitchen, outside center.

She’ll tell you about people not being allowed back in the center. She’ll also want you to interact with the people in the vicinity.

To do that, proceed to the nearby park and converse with the couple trying to erect a tent, followed by talking to the couple near a burning can.

This couple will give you some suspicious information about the shutdown of the center.

Gathering Information
Finally, engage in a talk with another group of people who are busy setting up some boxes in the center of the park.

They’ll give you some useful information on the suspicious people who cased the center before it was completely shut down. Investigate the pipes.

Once you’ve gotten this intel, head back to the F.E.A.S.T Center to change back into your spider suit.

While you’re on the roof of this building, press R3 to scan the pipes, leading down the water tower and then, towards the north.

Keep following these water pipes until you’ve reached the storm drain. You’ll find it accumulated with debris. Use your webs to remove the grate and clear out the debris.

Once you’ve taken care of that, you’ll find that the water isn’t still running which means there’s some problem with the pump station.

Press R3 to scan and find some more pipes towards west and then, towards south.

Dealing with the Thieves
Eventually, you will find yourself being led to a group of thieves who will be messing with the pump station.

These thieves will include brute and a few armed enemies. Here, you can choose to go with any of the following approaches.

  • Cautiously approach Brute and take him down. Then, web up the ranged enemies and disarm them before knocking them down too.
  • Set some mine traps at the right spots if you have the right gear equipped. It’ll take some time to eliminate all of them but it’s the safer way.

Once you’ve eliminated this whole group of foes, interact with the pump only to find that the pressure is off.

Now, to fix this problem, you’ll have to fix all three of the valves.

You’ll find the first one of these valves behind a trash bin against a wall. Interact with it to seal it.

The next valve can be found on a low rooftop. Here, trying to seal the valve will cause the pipe to burst and you’ll have to fix the pipe with the webbing.

However, wait until the pressure meter shows the green line to make sure that while you fix the pipe, the pressure is low.

The third and final valve is guarded by a number of melee-ranged enemies. Attack them from above, throwing debris on them and webbing them up against the wall.

The Final Showdown
More foes will appear in a car. Use the webbing to struck them with the car door and knock them down.

After that, seal the valve and make your way back to the pump machine.

Once you return to the area near the pump machine, you’ll notice that more thugs have shown up there, including three snipers.

Firstly, take down the sniper on the left and then create a distraction for the other two.

Use camo to approach the other two snipers and eliminate them one at a time without making any noise.

Now, eliminate the other thugs on the ground before restoring flowing water to the F.E.A.S.T Shelter.

Head back outside the F.E.A.S.T Center and update her about the resolved situation.

With that, this side mission will be marked as completed.

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