Spider-Man: Miles Morales Hold onto Your Web Shooters Walkthrough

This guide is a detailed walkthrough of the main story mission in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Hold onto Your Web Shooters.

The guide covers all the objectives in the mission, the moves you will learn and the boss fight.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Hold onto Your Web Shooters

As the mission starts, there will be a pretty long cutscene that’s interesting to watch. You will gain control while being in the air, so stay ready for a good start.

Your first objective is to meet Peter Parker at Midtown. So, swing around the city to better handle swinging and head towards Midtown.

A yellow marker marks your objective on the screen that won’t let you go astray of the main path.

After meeting Peter, you’ll follow a consignment being delivered, but it will fall off and the prisoners will try escaping.

So, your second objective is to contain these escapees. You will regain control and now you have to fight the prisoners.

The fight is more like a combat tutorial, so just follow the instructions and it won’t be a big deal.

However, you will have to stay super-quick and extremely focused on getting minimum injuries.

Despite everything, the prisoners will still escape and you will end up following Rhino, the big guy who Peter is trying to subdue.

So, start swinging again and be fast enough this time, so you don’t lose him.

Once you get to him in the building, you will be mounted on top of his shoulders and this is when you have to control Rhino and steer him away from obstacles.

Soon there will be some QTEs where you will have to save a baby while trying to tame Rhino and then quickly swing back to him with a massive kick to his head.

Both of you will fall two stories down and then you have to mount and control him again.

He will run out of the building then and you have to follow him until both you and Peter mount him again.

This is when he runs into a flammable tower, causing a huge explosion.

You will be sticking to a wall when you will see the prisoners jumping out of the van below you.

Another combat session against the prisoners will begin and you will learn many new moves during the fight.

Once you have dealt with the prisoners, head towards the objective marker on the screen and a cutscene will be triggered.

In the cutscene, Peter Parker will get injured and you will discover the Venom Punch and land it on Rhino.

You will regain control and receive instructions on the screen on how to use the Venom Punch, an extremely powerful punch mixed with electric effect.

So, fight Rhino now and keep attacking him with Venom Punches until the fight leads into the warehouse.

Try to mount him and run him into the walls here to stun him for a while so that you can hit him with Venom Punches.

Keep fighting him this way until the ‘Finisher Ready’ brief is stated on the screen. Deal him final two or three venom punches then and the finisher will follow up in a cutscene.

This is when finally, Rhino will be subdued, and you will see the rest of the story in the cutscene that follows.