Torchlight 3 Might Have Cross-Save in the Future According to Echtra Games

In the world of action RPG, there’s one name that you can find in all top 10 lists and has a brand new sequel. It is Torchlight and it’s brand new title Torchlight 3, which tries to revitalize one of the most prominent aRPG franchises.

When it comes to delivering though, there’s one modern feature that we miss in Torchlight 3, now that it’s available on all consoles, cross-Save. Thankfully, Echtra Games reveals that cross-save in Torchlight 3 is a possibility, not ruling out its release in the future.

In our recent review with Echtra Games, we found out that the team indeed considers cross-save to be a part of their new title. It is, in fact, a tough task for a small indie studio but they won’t rule it out. They say:

Cross save is a better possibility, but cross-play might be a bridge too far with all the various friends’ systems and requirements on the different platforms. Of course, we’d love it, too, but we’re a relatively small company at under 40 total employees, and sort of have our hands full with four platforms. Currently, we are busy building more content updates.

When it comes to console and PC play, many players will find cross-save a huge bonus. Especially when you take into account a console like Nintendo Switch which is portable. Players can play on the Switch when not at home and then get home and continue on PC where both graphics and performance are better.

Echtra Games kind of ruled out the possibility of cross-play for Torchlight 3, which sounds reasonable at this point. Hey, if we can have cross-save, we’ll be 100% happy. The studio is right now working on content updates. This means that the game will be expansive and won’t be as linear as it is today in a few months.

Torchlight 3 is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

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