Spider-Man: Miles Morales Like Real Scientists Walkthrough

Our Spider-Man Miles Morales Like Real Scientists Walkthrough will get you up to speed with everything that you should be aware of to get through the Real Scientists Mission in this brand-new iteration.

Spider-Man Miles Morales Like Real Scientists

Located in Upper East Side, Like Real Scientists is the sixteenth main mission of the game and one that offers a whopping 5,500 XP upon its completion.

Once you take on this mission, you won’t be able to back out until after the whole campaign is over so if you’re looking to explore Manhattan and upgrading your gear, do it beforehand.

However, fret not, because with our walkthrough guide below, you’ll be able to ace this mission in no time. So, let’s begin!

Like Real Scientists
Firstly, head to the Osborne Science Center and inspect its surroundings. You’ll notice two boardwalks leading to the main building.

You’ll also see three snipers; one on the top of the main building with a companion and two on the high platforms on either side.

First, you need to take down the two snipers at the top of the main building silently.

Then, make a move for the snipers on the sides.

Before you go on to take the snipers down, it is advisable to either create a distraction or using camo to avoid getting spotted by any of the Underground on the low building rooftops.

Next, you need to focus on eliminating all the Underground along the boardwalk.

While doing so, you may get spotted, as a result of which, you’ll see reinforcement arriving in the main building.

Here, you should remember to check with your scanner for enemies to keep a track of their movement.

If any of them gets to a vantage point, you need to first go and take him down. Use camo if you have to.

The Science Center
Entering the Science Center – Disable all the Generators!

Once you’ve dealt with all of the foes on your way, you’ll notice that an electric barrier at the top of the science center will be blocking your access.

To gain entry into the science center, you’ll need to disable the generators which will be hidden in the shacks.

Now, there will be four generators for you to disable. First, head to the nearest two generators which will be locked in shacks.

To unlock the shacks, you’ll need to spin the sculpture in the center of the water by first getting into a position where you’re directly facing the sculpture.

Now, use your webs to spin the sculpture anticlockwise twice. This will allow you to unlock the shacks and disable the generators.

Next, head east to the next generator. It will also be inside a set of two shacks. To get access to it, attach a web from the ball to the left shack and bind it with the right shack.

Then, you’ll be able to disable this generator.

To disable the fourth and final generator, head west, push aside the boxes on the wall in front to get access to the node which you can tie up with the last ball.

Having done that, you’ll be able to gain entry into the science center proper.

Once inside, make your way to the Virtual Gallery and then, turn left to move into the Space Exhibit.

Once there, converse with the woman near the elevator who’ll tell you that you need to find some other way to get past the locked glass door to the left.

Here, Phin will advise you to find a way to slide a reflective surface, under the floor, that can change shape.

There is both solar panel and the memory metal back available in the Space Exhibit and the combination of these two will serve as the reflective surface you’re looking for.

Interact with the memory metal back using your phone to change its shape to a flat one and then, slide it inside beneath the locked glass door.

Once the memory metal is on the other side of the locked door, use your phone to change its shape to a rounded semi-circle with a flat side.

Now, rotate it to so that the solar panel is facing the lock and then, use your flashlight to make it let off a beam of light.

Now that the door is unlocked, head inside and make your way to the very end to check out your product.

When you’ve done that, you’ll find yourself back in the present.

Defeat every last one of the Underground!

Dealing with the Brute
Now, you’ll come face to face with Underground Brute and his companions.

You need to take an offensive approach while you’re at it; Brute’s two-handed attack is pretty quick so as soon as you’ve brought down his shield using the Venom Punch, carry out Venom Dashes to dish out some hefty damage.

Otherwise, he will be able to dodge your attacks and prolong this battle.

So, once you’ve taken care of Brute, clear out the first room ahead.

The snipers in the space exhibit hall will spot you and start shooting at you, leaving you no choice but to take the fight into the next room.

Keep shifting your position and save your venom punches for the gauntlet and sword-wielders while you rush to take down the snipers targeting you.

Due to the chaos all around, a lower level wall will fall and another Brute, with some firearms flanking him, will come to battle you.

Take him to an isolated place so that the firearms can’t help him and you’re easily able to kill him.

After that, proceed back to the entrance of the science center to eliminate the remaining Underground.

Once you’ve done that, leave the science center, from the same place as you entered, to mark the Spider-Man Miles Morales Like Real Scientists mission as completed.

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