How To Save Storage Space On PS5

PlayStation 5 is now officially available and with a whole lineup of both first-party and third-party games to choose from. That is in addition to an extensive PlayStation 4 library of games made available through backwards compatibility. Knowing how exactly to manage and save as much storage space as possible on PS5 hence becomes important.

Total storage space on hand

PS5 features a lightning-fast solid-state drive to drastically reduce loading times. Its expensive nature is why Sony Interactive Entertainment has limited the SSD to a total capacity of 825GB. That however is not completely accessible.

The operating system and related system resources requires around 158GB, which leaves players with about 667GB to install their favorite games on. That is pretty low when considering the amount of storage space modern-day games need. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War, combined with Warzone can easily reach 500GB provided that every available piece of content is installed for all three. There are some ways though to save storage space on PS5.

Ways to save storage space

The follow methods will help free up a lot of storage space for players to use on PS5. It is important that players quickly familiarize themselves because the sooner they start saving, the quicker they can understand how to install additional games before filling up the entire SSD.

Disable all Trophy replays
PS5 comes with a new feature to make the existing PlayStation Trophy system memorable. The console automatically records a clip every time a Trophy gets unlocked in a game. These clips can then be shared with friends and family.

More importantly though, these clips also start adding up to take a lot of storage space. A single game can have nearly two-dozen or more Trophies to unlock and there is no need to save clips for Trophies that require no efforts at all.

Remember to disable the Trophy replays system early on. This however does not completely stops PS5 from recording recent gameplay sessions. When something exciting or memorable happens in a game, players can use the new Share button on their DualSense controller to save a particular clip. This is still far better than automatically saving every single Trophy out there.

Uninstall unneeded content
Some games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War allow players to choose what to install and what to uninstall. The single-player campaign of Black Ops Cold War, for example, can be removed to free up storage space on PS5 after players are done.

The same goes for other modes like Special Ops and Survival, or even the standalone Warzone game for that matter. There is no need to use up another 100GB and more space on the PS5 SSD if players are not interested in playing battle royale. This is important to know beforehand because otherwise a game like Black Ops Cold War can take up around 200GB of space which does not even included post-release updates and expansions.

Disable auto-updates
PS5 automatically updates all games installed on its SSD. To ensure better storage management, make sure to disable automatic updates so that players can decide for themselves which games to update and which to not. This may seem trivial but is important when it comes to optimizing storage space on the SSD. There is no need to have every single game automatically updated when players can come back to them after finishing up the one game they are playing regularly.

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