How to Get Salvation’s Grip Exotic in Destiny 2 Beyond Light

You can get a unique weapon in Destiny 2 Beyond Light known as Salvation’s Grip. In this Destiny 2 Beyond Light Salvation’s Grip Exotic guide, we will walk you through the whole procedure of getting Salvation’s Grip. You have to complete the exotic quest to get this weapon.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Salvation’s Grip Exotic

Salvation’s Grip is the new weapon that can cause Stasis damage to your enemies. It is like a grenade launcher, but instead, it freezes your enemies and everything nearby with stasis crystals.

It can also be charged by holding it and then released to fire. This will increase the radius of the freeze and the number of crystals created.

Salvation’s Grip has a magazine size of 8 and a fire rate of 120 rounds per minute.

Salvation’s Grip – How to get it?

To get your hands on Salvation’s Grip, you have to complete a few things. First, beat the entire Beyond Light Campaign and go back to the Tower and talk with Captain Zavala, who is the Titan Vanguard.

After that, go and talk to “The Drifter.” He will offer you a quest, “The Stasis Prototype.”

The Stasis Prototype Quest Walkthrough

To complete The Stasis Prototype quest, you have to complete 7 steps mentioned below:

  • In the first step, you have to defeat 10 Servitors and 10 Fallen Captains on Europa and get intel.
  • In the second step, you have to defeat one of Eramis’s council members in an Empire Hunt. Before doing step-2, you have to complete Reclaiming Europa, Empire’s Fall and The Dark Priestess quests and purchase Empire Hunts quests from Variks in Charon’s crossing. Once you have done all of that, then you can complete your step-2.
  • In step-3, you have to eliminate combatants affected by your Stasis abilities.
  • In step-4, you have to rendezvous with Spider’s associate in the Concealed Void Lost Sector and acquire Skiff codes.
  • In step-5, you have to visit The Drifter in the annex, and he will give you the Stasis Containment Device.
  • In step-6, you have to steal the Exotic Weapon. You can use the weapon, but The Stasis Prototype quest is not done yet.
  • In step-7, you have to visit The Drifter again

That concludes The Stasis Prototype quest and you have got your Salvation’s Grip as well.

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