Demon’s Souls Remake Adjudicator Archstone Walkthrough

After you get out of the Shrine of Storms, you’ll arrive at the next location called the ‘Adjudicator Archstone.’ In this Demon’s Souls Remake Adjudicator Archstone walkthrough, we will take you through this location in the Demon Souls Remake from start to finish, giving you the locations of all the hidden treasures along the way.

Demon’s Souls Remake Adjudicator Archstone

The first thing you need to do in this area is to head down the stairs in front of you. You’ll be led to two more staircases.

Head down the one to your right first, and jump down before you reach its end to find a Storied Soldier’s Soul.

Go back up and then do the same thing on the other set of stairs to find a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.

In the larger area below, you’ll encounter a pair of Storm Beasts. These flying manta creatures are really hard to deal with because they can strike you from far away before they even appear on your screen.

Wait for them to fly away and then make your way through the corridor in the center of the area. Stick to the left side of the corridor and you’ll find a corpse containing 3 Soul Remains.

After getting the Soul Remains, continue moving down this corridor and you’ll encounter Graverobber Blige once again. However, if you didn’t free him in the Shrine of Storms, then you won’t see him.

If you want, then you can buy some weapons and/or utility items from him.

When you reach the end of this corridor, open the door by stepping on the pressure plate on the ground. A cutscene will then play, which will show you the layout of the area ahead.

Move through the hallway on the right side of the area and then go down the stairs to meet a new type of enemy called the Reaper.

The Reaper doesn’t fight you himself; instead, he continuously summons Shadowlurkers to do the deed for him. They’ll keep spawning as you kill them, so you can farm some souls from them if you want.

After you kill the Reaper, look behind the column where he was standing to get 2 Full Moon Grass.

Then, open the door to the next area by pulling the switch that’s behind the casket where the Reaper spawned. Move down the stairs and grab the Shard of Darkmoonstone from the corpse.

After that, head through the door to your left and then go upstairs. You’ll see some treasure here, but it’ll be unreachable as of now so don’t bother trying to get it.

Run across the bridge to your left. Once there, grab the 11 Kunai from the corpse to your right. That’s all there is to this area, so run back to the other side of the bridge.

Go into the room to your right and grab the Unknown Soldier’s Soul from the corpse. Patches, the Hyena will be sitting in this room.

If you interact with him, he’ll tell you that there is a bunch of treasure inside the pit next to him. Unfortunately, he can’t reach it himself, so he tells you to grab it instead.

Before you get excited and jump in the pit, walk past Patches and go through the gate to the left.

Then, turn right and move up the stairs. On these stairs, you’ll find another corpse containing an Unknown Soldier’s Soul.

Keep moving up these stairs after grabbing the soul and once you’re at the top, you’ll be able to get the aforementioned treasure that was unreachable before.

It’ll give you a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. Be careful when grabbing it, as there is a switch right under the treasure that can trigger a trap.

After grabbing that, make your way back to Patches and stand close to the pit.

Patches will push you into the pit and leave you there. Grab the Shard of Darkmoonstone and the 3x Crescent Moon Grass from the corpses down there and then talk to Saint Urban.

He’ll tell you that you’ve been bamboozled by Patches, and there’s no real treasure down here.

You’ll then be attacked by an Uchigatana Black Phantom. If you kill this beast, you’ll be rewarded with 3x Chunk of Darkstone and 1 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.

Have another chat with Saint Urban after killing the Black Phantom. Doing this will allow him to meet with you again when you go back to the Nexus.

Move towards the Spire and then go through the door behind it. Head up the stairs to find another corpse containing an Unknown Soldier’s Soul.

When you reach the top, you’ll be able to grab the Magic Sword “Makoto” from the spire, but only if you have Pure White World Tendency.

Open up the door to the next area by standing on the pressure plate. In this area, you’ll encounter Patches once again. He’ll reward you with a Ring of Gash Resistance.

Exit the area through the open door and then grab the 5x Half Moon Grass from the corpse to your left. When you’re outside, there will be another Unknown Soldier’s Soul there.

You’ll encounter three Silver Skeletons here. Two of these skeletons will be using melee weapons, while one will attack you with a ranged weapon. You shouldn’t fight them here because they can easily push you off the edge.

Instead, try to get to the safer area down below before you kill them. Then, continue moving down and you’ll see a pair of Gold Skeletons. Grab the Storied Soldier’s Soul from your left and then head through the fog door.

As you walk down the hallway, stick to the right side to find 2x Soul Remains. When you reach the end, you’ll find a Shard of Darkmoonstone.

You’ll then encounter another Shadowlurker. This time, this enemy will attack you with laser beams. Take care of the Shadowlurker and then continue moving downwards.

You’ll again find another Shadowlurker down this path, followed by a Reaper to the right. From where the Reaper is, turn left to find a corpse containing a Dagger.

Run forward towards the wall to reach a staircase. Head down these stairs and you’ll find another fog door.

Before you go through it, make sure to grab the 2x Crescent Moon Grass from the corpses by the door.

After grabbing the loot, go through the door and then move towards the hallway to your right. There will be another pesky Shadowlurker inside this hallway. Get rid of it and then turn right once again and keep moving forward.

When you reach the end of the hallway, you’ll be ambushed by another Shadowlurker. After dealing with it, move forward until you reach the point where the corridor expands.

Once there, kill the Reaper to your left and then head down the stairs to find a corpse containing a Storied Soldier’s Soul.

These stairs will lead you to a large cave where there will be a bunch of explosive orbs flying around. Dodge the orbs and head towards the sarcophagus to get 1x Sticky White Stuff.

Turn around and head to the area down below. You’ll encounter a pair of Phosphorescent Slugs. After killing them, move towards the next area to your right.

Before you go into the next area, turn left and grab the Chunk of Darkmoonstone. Now, move into the next area and get ready to fight five Phosphorescent Slugs.

After taking care of this group of slugs, move forward and then go into the hidden area to the left. Defeat the two slugs here and then move into the room through the hole to your right.

There will be some treasure in the center of this room, but it’s guarded by 4 slugs. After killing the slugs, grab Ronin’s Ring and Hiltless from the treasure.

Now, head down the hallway and stick to the right to get another Storied Soldier’s Soul.

After getting the soul, continue moving down the hallway and you’ll arrive back at the place where you encounter the first pair of slugs.

Climb into the area above and move towards the large platform to the right. There’s only one path from here, so run down it until it splits into two.

Take the left path until you reach a door. This door will lead you to a small cave where you’ll find a staircase. There’s a fog door at the top of the stairs.

Go through it to reach the next area, where you’ll be facing the boss of the Adjudicator Archstone area, Old Hero (Check out our guide on how to defeat the Old Hero boss in Demon’s souls remake in case you’re having trouble)

Once you’ve defeated the Old Hero, grab the 3x Full Moon Grass from the western side of the arena and then grab the Shard of Darkmoonstone from the opposite side.

Before you touch the Archstone, go up the staircase to the left to get yourself 31x Holy Arrows.

Then, you can finally touch the Archstone to complete the Adjudicator Archstone area and be rewarded with a Hero Demon’s Soul.