Demon’s Souls Remake Armor Spider Archstone Walkthrough

Throughout the course of the Demon’s Souls Remake, you travel through different regions where you’ll have combat with numerous enemies. One such region is Demon’s Souls Remake Armor Spider Archstone region.

It is basically a tunnel that lies below the city. We’ll provide you with a complete walkthrough of the Armor Spider Archstone in this Demon’s Souls Remake guide.

Demon’s Souls Remake Armor Spider Archstone

Once the location begins, you’ll see that there’s a Scale Miner on your right and a Crystal Lizard a little further down the tunnel from the start stage.

You ought to watch after the miner, which will enable the other hidden enemy to flee. However, that’s not an issue as the miner and his strong attacks will keep you occupied.

Now you have a choice as to how you progress through the stage. You can navigate the tunnel through which the explosive carts emerge to the left.

Or you can head to the right in the direction from which the glowing enemy has run.

The right path is a shortcut and requires some risky jumps, but we recommend you don’t take this path if this is your first playthrough of the area. Instead, we’ll describe the left route.

Once you start moving left through the long way, you’ll see that there are several mine carts moving towards you.

Look quickly to the right on the other side of the tunnel, where behind a wooden object, you’ll see an enemy.

Once the enemy has been eliminated, look around to find a lift that you can ride to a lower area. On a corpse nearby, you can grab an Augite of Guidance.

It’s time to make another decision now.  You can either ride down the lift, or you can proceed to the next corridor.

It is recommended that you ride the lift on the way down.

After this, you again will have the option to either follow the fleeing monsters or ignore them and start heading towards the opposite direction, here it’s suggested to not get into a tough fight.

But in case you do end up following those monsters, you’ll end up coming in combat with two very powerful enemies in bright red armor.

You can continue on, after defeating the soldiers, to deal with the other enemies who have fled.

Before they all vanish, you should be able to kill a few of them. You can then backtrack and proceed in the opposite direction to the lift.

In the path, you will reach a point where you can either proceed forward or follow a passage that branches to the right.

Good ahead and take the second option. However, be careful because you will encounter a ball of light in this new direction.

The reason you should be wary of this ball of light is that, when you get near to it, you will see that it detonates; therefore, make sure to stay away.

Now, continue along the path until you see a fork in the path, and now on your left will be a miner with a pickaxe.

You have to look around and find a bearbug that is particularly large, stuck along the planking. You can meet a fellow traveler just down the slope from there.

A worm will emerge from the soil above. Have it eliminated like the ones before.

Go back down to where the bearbug is trapped. Although he’s not going to attack you yet, you’re going to have to hack him to bits so you can move freely again.

The traveler will begin wandering the area after the bearbug is out of the way. Talk to him to get the Flame Resistance Ring.

After this, continue to head down the trail past where you had encountered the traveler.

You’ll find the path partially blocked by two smaller bearbugs as you descend.

When those two enemies are defeated, it will prompt a visit from several more of the fire-breathing worms to continue onward.

Soon, you’ll come across a bend in the path. You can speak to a merchant among some rubble if you keep going straight, and even make some purchases.

Otherwise, as the path progresses down a hill, you can continue around the bend. You will notice numerous bearbugs buzzing around in the air at this point.

You will reach a fogged archway at the base of the path. You can pass through the fog and enter an area of swamps.

You will periodically come up against the larger enemies of the bearbugs, who can withstand a significant amount of physical damage.

From the entrance to the cavern, continue down the sloping passage and you will reach a forked path.

Head right here for the Soul of a Storied Soldier, positioned on a dead-end corpse. There’ll be no enemies attacking here.

You can then turn around and proceed towards the area to the left of the entrance.

keep left as you proceed. You will come upon one of the enemies of the great bearbug.

Slowly, you can draw him up the branch of the path you’ve followed, then backtrack and run around the other side to prevent him from fighting.

Continue down the main corridor until you enter a junction where you can either go right or left.

There will be a short embankment straight ahead of you that you can’t get up to. Head down, to the right, to face a bearbug.

You’ll come to another junction, beyond the bearbug.

Here, to get a Stone with Ephemeral Eyes that is guarded by another vicious bearbug, you can turn right and follow a short tunnel, or you can either take a left turn and keep going straight to find the cave exit. Drop down here.

You will be able to continue along a narrow passageway from there that soon comes to a fork in the path.

You should take a right turn from there to hit a fog-covered opening. Go left if you’re finding worms.

Defeat the last batch of worms and take the arms of the Hands of God, then head back to the opening covered in fog.

Now, this is where Boss Battle with Flamelurker takes place.

But if that wasn’t hard enough a battle with the Dragon God follows soon after.

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