Zelda Breath of the Wild Mod in Torchlight 3 Brings Back 2017 Vibes

Do you sometimes wish you could go back into Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and experience it all over again as it’s your first day? Actually, many people do and some of them try to bring our favorite Zelda characters into other games. One user has recently done so in Torchlight 3, making Zelda a playable character.

The Zelda BOTW in Torchlight 3 mod was created by User619 who uploaded the showcase video on Youtube. The mod makes a classic sharpshooter class look like Zelda from BOTW, while she crashes hordes of enemies. No one can deny that this is the most action we’ve seen from Zelda in a long long time. The creator states on his mod page:

When starting a new game select the Sharpshooter class. Select the Female gender and for the head and hair select the first one. After that when you get off the boat you will have it working. Make sure that you always have the Tattered Rags equipped. Also to avoid clipping make sure that you have the Tattered Leggings and the Tattered Footwraps equipped.

In order for mods to run in Torchlight 3, you’ll need to download the zip file mod you choose and extract the .pak file within. Then, move that file to Torchlight III\Frontiers\Content\Paks\~mods and it should be ready to go.

In general, Torchlight 3 has no mods yet. This strikes as a surprise since modders usually waste no time to start creating mods for newly released games. It’s only natural for the game to get mods later down the road. Its predecessor had a rather wide extension to its life cycle because of that. Let’s hope that a big library of mods, either aesthetic or in its gameplay arrive soon. For the time being, you can try installing the Zelda BOTW mod and see if the game runs it correctly.

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