Spider-Man Save Transfers Will Be Allowed For PS5 After All

Even though previously Insomniac Games had said that they weren’t possible, the company announced just today that Spider-Man save transfers would be possible to go from the Playstation 4 version of the game to Spider-Man Remastered on the Playstation 5. It’s not available at launch, but will be available in a future update.

Insomniac Games’s Spider-Man game would be one of the many games getting a next-generation port when the Playstation 5 comes out. The game will be called Spider-Man Remastered, which has been developed with the PS5 in mind and includes new and upgraded visuals and even an updated character model for Peter Parker.

Originally, Insomniac had said that save transfers weren’t possible, but changed their tune today. Along with the save transfers, players will also be able to get the three other Spider-Man costumes that were previously exclusive to the Remastered game.

The Spider-Man save transfers will be especially welcome considering the game’s standalone expansion, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, will be Playstation 5 exclusive. Miles Morales also offers cross-saves from Playstation 4 to Playstation 5, so there’s no reason why the original Spider-Man can’t do the same.

Since the game is so big, for instance, it’s possible that players might not have finished the entire game due to wanting to get everything possible in the game. Plus, while the original Playstation 4 version of the game is backwards compatible, some people might want to see how it looks in the Remastered version.

The update not coming out for a while is also a good thing, since it’s likely the Playstation 5 will be in very high demand the first several days, weeks, or even months after its release, especially due to the coronavirus. The actual Spider-Man save transfers update will be coming out around Thanksgiving.

The Playstation 5 will be coming out in major regions this Thursday, November 12, and will be coming out everywhere else next week on November 19.