PS5 Day-One Update Size Confirmed

PlayStation 5 officially launches worldwide in the next couple of days. Consumers who are able to secure pre-orders by then should consider themselves pretty lucky. They however will still be required to download a mandatory day-one update on PS5 before jumping into any games.

The said day-one update for PS5 reportedly (via Press-Start) weighs about 868MB which should not be concerning at all. Gone are the days when download speeds on consoles, particularly on PlayStation, were abysmal. A 4G connection should take less than two minutes to download the day-one update, after which players need to only restart their PS5 to start playing games.

Sony Interactive Entertainment recently announced that PS5 will only be available for purchase at online stores on the day of launch. This was decided due to the threat of COVID-19 and lockdowns imposed in various countries. Consumers should hence not be planning to camp or line up at their local retailer on the day of launch in hopes of finding an available console.

PlayStation 5 has been selling out within minutes and sometimes within the hour since last month. It has become difficult for retailers to keep up their stocks with some reportedly pushing confirmed pre-orders ahead into the holiday season. Those who still manage to receive their brand new PS5 console on the launch day should thank their lucky stars.

PS5 and its all-digital edition retails at $500 and $400 respectively. Both feature the same hardware specifications except for the absence of a disc drive in the latter. The launch lineup includes Astro’s Playroom, the Demon’s Souls remake, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Spider-Man Remastered as first-party offerings.

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