Xbox Series S Opens Up Like A PC

Xbox Series X looks like a compact desktop PC with its looming tower-based design. Xbox Series S is however no different with an even more compact design.

In a teardown video published earlier today, Modern Vintage Gamer demonstrates how the cheaper next-generation variant from Microsoft looks on the inside. Xbox Series S surprisingly opens up just like a typical PC casing.

On the back of the console are two screws hidden behind a sticker (not to be confused with warranty stickers) of sorts. Use a T8 screwdriver to remove the two screws and the whole bottom casing slides off like a PC with a gentle push.

Beneath lies a metal panel that can also be unscrewed to slide off the upper casing to access the innards of the console. The demonstration points out that until here, warranty does not seem to be voided. From here on though, modders or enthusiasts will have to be extra careful.

Xbox Series S is said to be about 60 percent smaller in size to Xbox Series X. That comes with a bit of trimmed-down specifications including the absence of a disc drive. The all-digital alternative targets 60 frames per second at 1440p and sometimes even 120 frames per second but at the same resolution.

Xbox Series S retails at $300 against the $500 of Xbox Series X. The significant difference in price is why Microsoft believes Xbox Series S will end up outselling Xbox Series X by the end of the console generation. “Price matters,” says Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox brand, and giving casual gamers a cheaper option was one of the main goals of Microsoft when creating a next-generation lineup.

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