Playstation 5 Game Time Feature Tracks How Long You’ve Played A Game

If you’ve ever wondered just how long you’ve been playing a game over the course of its lifetime, the Playstation 5 has the thing for you. A Playstation 5 game time feature has just been announced, and it will tell you how long you’ve been playing a certain game via your profile.

The function also works with Playstation 4 games that you play on the Playstation 5, and will even bring over the total time you’ve played those games to your Playstation 5 as well. To see the time you’ve played games for yourself, all you have to do is go to your profile on the Playstation 5, hit “Games”, and see for yourself under all of your recently-played titles.

While it wouldn’t be a very useful feature otherwise, it’s still at least a nice bit of trivia for you to see if you’ve ever wondered how long you’ve been playing a game for, such as if you’re a huge Call of Duty or Final Fantasy 14 fan.

Considering how many amazing games are going to be coming out on launch, the Playstation 5 game time feature might end up being put to more use than we think, especially with games like the Demon’s Souls remake, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and others, to say nothing of bigger games like Horizon Forbidden West coming out in 2021.

This isn’t necessarily a new innovation in gaming. Various other consoles like the Nintendo Switch already track how much you play certain games, but the Playstation 4 never had this option. The only way to track play time was to look at the save files of games that you played.

Either way, if you’ve never really thought about how much you played a game, the Playstation 5 game time feature should give you some welcome (possibly shocking) or unwelcome information. The console comes out November 12 for major regions, and November 19 for everywhere else.