Does PS5 Have Quick Resume Feature?

One of the bigger features of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is the reveal of its Quick Resume feature, which will let players resume play of a game from where they were should they do something like switch to another game or application. However, is there also a Playstation 5 quick resume function?

The Xbox Series X’s Quick Resume feature can be especially helpful to someone if they have to switch from a game to something else and don’t have enough time to save or shut the game off. A similar situation could pop up with the Playstation 5, though Sony’s said nothing about a similar feature.

A previous patent showed off a possible taskbar that could be overlaid over a game currently in progress, handy if a player needed to check something or wanted to take a break from playing for a bit. The patent, now named Switcher, does show your most-recently played games, but it reboots them if you start it.

A Playstation 5 quick resume feature may seem superfluous for some, considering the fast loading times that have already been witnessed from the console. However, it’s one thing to be able to start off from the exact point that you left in a game. Being able to quickly load a game but spawn back at a checkpoint is quite another.

While there was some hope that a feature like this would be implemented, many reviewers clearly expected more from the console, especially with some nagging issues such as a significant part of the console’s SSD just being taken up by installment data.

With that in mind, we may have to accept that there’s some things that the Xbox Series X will be better at than the Playstation 5. With no Playstation 5 quick resume, owners of that console will have to be more careful with leaving their games.

The Playstation 5 is slated to come out on November 12 in major regions, and November 19 everywhere else.