XCOM 2 Collection Announced And Released For iOS

Feral Interactive has just released a trailer announcing that the XCOM 2 Collection will be coming out today for iOS devices, particularly phones and tablets. The collection includes doesn’t include the base game, but does have all of its DLC including four DLC packs and the War of the Chosen expansion.

XCOM 2 has been available for Mac OS computers since its original release back in 2016, but now fans of the series can take it anywhere by downloading or buying it on its supported platforms. Platforms supported range from the iPhone 7 Plus to the iPhone 12 on phones, and from the 2019 iPad 5 mini to the 4th generation iPad Pro on tablets.

XCOM 2 takes place in an alternate (sort of) continuity to the original XCOM: Enemy Unknown, where XCOM was defeated by the alien invaders who have since created the Advent Administration, a puppet government that they use to rule the world while XCOM is reduced to a small band of resistance fighters.

There isn’t any indication of exactly what DLC the game includes other than War of the Chosen, but there’s only six other DLC packs so people might be able to guess. For instance, Shen’s Last Gift, which gives players the ability to deploy robotic drone soldiers, could be one.

Other DLC packs are mainly cosmetic, such as the Resistance Warriors and Anarchy’s Children packs that mainly give you more cosmetic opportunities for your soldiers. There’s also the Alien Hunters pack, which pits you against various souped-up versions of certain alien enemies.

There’s also the option that the XCOM 2 collection could just be counting the Reinforcement Pack, which includes Alien Hunters, Anarchy’s Children, and Shen’s Last Gift all in one package. But we’ll have to see if the DLC are elaborated on later.

Either way, you can currently buy the game for iOS tablets and phones by going to the official App Store or following this link.