Why Doesn’t Dualsense Work With PS4?

A baffling revelation was unearthed recently as it seems that the PS5 Dualsense is working with PS3 but not PS4. Now that the next-gen console is in the hands of many players throughout the world prior to its release, we get to learn about how its peripherals work. Sadly, it seems that the Dualsense does not natively work with PS4 but can on many other platforms, including Nintendo Switch.

There is, in fact, a good reason why the Playstation 5 controller won’t work with its predecessor’s console. It is due to its connectivity. The Playstation 4 isn’t compatible with generic Bluetooth devices, unlike previous Sony consoles. Plugging it in the console through a classic USB to USB Type-C too doesn’t work.

Youtuber MidnightMan tested out these scenarios for his channel and ended up connecting the Dualsense to PS4 through the cable on his PC via Remote Play. Undeniably, this is way to much work to make a controller work. Why is it happening though?

It seems that Sony has engineered the Dualsense in such a way that it cannot get directly functional with older consoles. Connecting it via Bluetooth doesn’t work on PS4. This is simply because the console is fine-tuned to restrict generic controllers for its games. On the other hand, the PS3 accepts any device that connects through Bluetooth. Even third-party consoles like Nintendo Switch can connect to the Dualsense as long as a third-party connector is used, simply cause their architecture is not restrictive.

A Twitter user with the name LegacyZero has confirmed that this is the case, stating that there are indeed some games on PS4 that support generic Bluetooth controllers through the “Legacy Controller” function. However, this won’t be at all functional since it restricts all further use on the console.

On the opposite side, a Playstation 4 controller won’t work on the PS5 too. It makes sense since the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers on the Dualsense make the PlayStation 5 a complete experience. You will be able to use it on Playstation 4 games through backward compatibility but that’s about it.

Whatever the case, everyone can confirm that the new Dualsense features are the future in console gaming. You wouldn’t want to go without it when playing on the PS5. As for the PS4, you’ll have to stick with its own controller. As it seems, its architecture makes it impossible for the controller to connect.

Playstation 5 and Dualsense will release on November 12th for US, Japan, Australia, South Corea, Mexico and New Zealand. The rest of the world will be able to purchase Sony’s new console on the 19th of the month.

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