New Among Us Improvements Coming Soon, Accessibility, Anti-Hacking, And More

Among Us, the Werewolf-styled space deduction game, has exploded in popularity early this year, after spending the past two years being almost a nonentity in the gaming scene. Now, developer InnerSloth has gone into detail on some new Among Us improvements that will be coming to the game very soon.

To start off with, InnerSloth is going to be taking a much harder look at hacking. This includes fixing up the anti-hack software to not cause so many bugs, and creating an account system so that players can kick or ban accounts that make trouble in games.

The game will also be getting a variety of cosmetic options to help with ambiguity, such as an anonymous voting system that will allow each bean to be greyed out during the voting process, so no one can retaliate against whoever voted for them.

Changes to the task bar that keeps track of everything players have done will also be coming as part of the new Among Us improvements. Players can now change whether the bar stays up all the time, only gets updated during meetings, or is completely invisible.

New types of sabotage will also be getting added. You’ll be able to remove security logs through Comms sabotage, robbing the people trying to discover the imposter of one more investigative tool. A new map, themed around Henry Stickmin, will also be getting added.

Other changes that will be made include increased accessibility for colorblind players, more translation and localization options for other regions of the world, and general bug fixes to help improve the game in general.

There’s no indication of when these new Among Us improvements will be coming around, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long, especially since InnerSloth threw out plans for a sequel once the game took off in popularity. Among Us is currently playable on PC, iOS, and Android.