PS5 Requires “Heavy Investment” From Casual Gamers, Says Xbox Boss

Microsoft remains confident that pricing will play a large role in boosting sales for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in the next-generation console marketplace.

Speaking with Spanish publication La Vanguardia (via Pure Xbox) in a recent interview, Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox brand, reiterated how Microsoft prioritized on establishing the right pricing for its next-generation Xbox lineup.

He further noted that a “price conscious” Xbox Series S will prove to be highly attractive for casual gamers and families, unlike “certain platforms” which was an obvious reference to PlayStation 5 and its all-digital PS5 edition.

Gaming can be an expensive hobby. I see certain platforms going to, in the US pricing, $70 for games. The consoles are $500 in US pricing. And I think that’s a heavy investment for people who aren’t every day playing video games – kind of, the more casual player or a family that’s balancing many things.

PlayStation 5 retails at $500. A secondary DualSense controller retails at $70. A couple of next-generation PS5 games at launch comes to $140. That alone sums up to $710 and without any other accessory or a PlayStation Plus subscription which would only add a further $60 for a year worth of usage.

Xbox Series X retails at the same $500 as well. Its controller and games also retail at around the same price. The difference however being that Xbox Series S retails relatively cheaper at $300 for starters. Xbox Game Pass then provides a significantly cheaper option to access a massive vault of games which will include all future first-party games from Xbox Game Studios. That is $10 a month for over a hundred games against $70 for a single first-party PS5 game.

The comparison makes it obvious why Spencer and Microsoft believe the casual gaming market will eventually lean over to the Xbox side.

In another interview last month, Spencer stated that early buyers are expected to side with Xbox Series X but “over the generation, our expectation would be that price really matters and that you would see the Xbox Series S sell more.”

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