Insomnaic Games Reveals Spider-Man: Miles Morales Spiderverse Costume

With Miles Morales being catapulted into the public casual comic fan consciousness by Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse, it’s only fitting that the expansion focused around him gets a Spider-Man: Miles Morales Spiderverse costume. The costume not only has comic book sound effects for each punch, but also has a different framerate.

The costume was revealed by production designer Justin Thompson, who went into a bit more detail on the motivations behind the costume’s addition, such as giving this particular costume its own framerate, and it looks like all of that work has paid off.

The costume is one of multiple different costumes that will be available for Miles in the game, with this being the third special costume brought into the game. The suit, unlike Miles’s default suit in the game, looks much more home-made, including the ragged spray-painted Spider-Man symbol and all-black suit, barring a few red patches.

The video revealing the suit takes us through a number of different little sidequests and missions around the game, such as Miles taking on the criminal organization called The Underground as they interfere with emergency services.

The suit doesn’t confer any new abilities like the special cat sidekick previously shown, but the Spider-Man: Miles Morales Spiderverse costume does add some punch to combat by adding in sound effects whenever you land a hit.

Some people might be turned off by the framerate not matching the rest of the game, but hopefully there’s an option to turn that sort of thing off in the game, even if you like the costume itself. But, considering the movement’s a big part of Spiderverse’s art style, there might not be.

You’ll be able to pick up the Spider-Man: Miles Morales Spiderverse costume when the game comes out on November 12 exclusively for the Playstation 5.