Dark Pictures Little Hope Endings Guide

In this Dark Pictures Little Hope Endings guide, we’ll give you three possible endings to the chapter The Little Girl and how to achieve them.

Dark Pictures Little Hope Endings

For this part, there are three possible endings, and they depend on your choices and how Abraham presents his case.

You can either go for a good ending, a neutral ending, or a bad ending.

All of these endings depend on some of the major decisions that you can take during this part of the game.

Major Decisions

There are two decisions that you can make. You can either be Troubled, or you can be Enraged.

And this is not where it ends.

With whatever decision you decide to stick with, there’ll be two more decisions you’ll have to take.

If you decide on being Troubled, then you’ll get a choice between being hopeful or callous.

On the other hand, if you stick with being Enraged, then you’ll get to be insistent or callous.

However, it slightly depends on your playthrough on what major decisions you get to make during this part.

The Good Ending

for this ending, the priest would be declared as evil. You’ll have to be Enraged and Insistent to reach this ending.

However, to prove the priest as evil, you’ll need the bible that has the markings made by the priest.

You’ll find it in the Museum of Witchcraft while playing as Daniel. And with that, Mary will be safe and sound.

The Neutral Ending

If you end up being Enraged and Impatient, or Troubled and Hopeful, the poppet will be destroyed for a neutral ending.

But this does not ensure that Mary is truly safe until later chapters.

You can only achieve this ending if the poppet is not burned in the Museum of Witchcraft earlier.

The Bad Ending

If you want to throw Mary under the bus, you’ll have to be Troubled and Callous.

This might seem like a bad decision at first, but in the later chapters, this decision of yours will kill everyone the moment you walk out of the house.

The house will crumble!

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