Apex Legends Clubs Guide

In this Apex Legends Clubs Guide, we will take a look at the brand-new feature called Clubs that is coming to Apex Legends with the Season 7 update on November 4th.

Apex Legends Clubs

Season 7 of Apex Legends called Ascension is just around the Horizon, no pun intended. And with this update, a lot of new features are being added to the game.

These include a new legend called Horizon, a new map called Olympus, and a brand new 3-man vehicle called Trident.

Among these is another new feature called Clubs, which is also coming to Apex in Season 7. Clubs will let you squad up and befriend like-minded players.

This will be a very helpful feature for people who don’t have a regular squad to queue up with.

We will discuss how you can effectively use this feature. A Club can have a maximum of 30 members.

Joining a Club
If you just want to be part of a Club, then this option is for you.

Simply head over to the Clubs tab in the main menu and press the Join a Club button.

Then you can either search for a Club using their unique id or ask for a Club member with adequate permissions to send you an invite.

If you don’t know which Club you want to join, you can browse through the public Clubs and even set up Tags to narrow down your search according to your playing habits or interests.

Tags work like filters and help you filter out public Clubs to find the one that is perfect for you.

Tags can define anything ranging from playstyles to gaming habits. Some Clubs might be ok with players not having mics and using the in-game callout wheel.

They can have a tag related to this as well.

Some Clubs or guilds can set up restrictions such as a minimum k/d or Rank requirement or a minimum level requirement.

If the Club is public or you meet their requirements, then you can automatically join; otherwise, you have to wait for your join request to either be accepted or denied by a member of that Club.

Private Clubs cannot be joined without getting an invite from them. And you cannot search for them in the game as well.

You also won’t be able to join a Club that has already reached the maximum number of allowed members.

Creating a Club
If you think you have leadership qualities and want to start a Club of your own, then you are free to do so.

Simply head over to the Clubs tab in the menu and click on Create a Club. You will then be presented with a new screen that has 5 different categories of settings.

Club Settings
The basic Club settings include the following

  • Name (Must be a unique name, 16 characters or less)
  • Tag (This is your guild name that shows in-game as well)
  • Logo (This is the image that will represent your Club)

Privacy Settings
There are many ways to customize who can and cannot join your Club. Privacy settings include Rank, visibility, and level.

Visibility can be tweaked in the following ways.

  • By request, this keeps your Club public but for anyone to join they first have to send a request which you can either accept or reject.
  • Invite Only, this makes your Club private, it will not show up in the Club Browser.
  • Open, this means that your Club is open for anyone to join.

Search Tags
You can also set up search tags for like-minded people to easily find you. For example, you can set a tag for how hardcore or casual you like to play or if a mic is mandatory to join.

There are a lot of different tags to choose from, which makes it easier for people while filtering Clubs.

It should be noted that if the owner of the Club allows crossplay in their game settings, then their Club will also have crossplay enabled.

Club Ranks
Either you join a Club or create one of your own, you must know about the different Club ranks which are available for the members.

These ranks have nothing to do with your in-game Rank and simply translate to how much authority you have been given as a member of a Club.

There are a total of 4 Club Ranks

  • Owner
  • Admin
  • Captain
  • Grunt

This table specifies which Rank has how much authority.

Permissions Owner Admin Captain Grunt
Chat ✔   ✔   ✔  
Kick Grunts/Captains ✔   ✔  
Promote Grunts to Captains ✔   ✔  
Invite New Members ✔   ✔   ✔  
Send/Receive Party Invites ✔   ✔   ✔   ✔  
Kick Admins ✔  
Promote Captains to Admins ✔  
Post Announcements ✔   ✔  
Switch Owner ✔  
Edit Club Settings ✔   ✔  
View and Manage Filed Complaints ✔   ✔  

There can only be 1 Owner of a Club, and once you transfer the ownership, you will no longer be the owner.

Assigning power to your Club members is up to you.

You can have as many admins or captains as you want, but we suggest only giving those who you trust the more powerful ranks.

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