Watch Dogs Legion City of Westminster Tech Point Locations Guide

Tech points are points that you can use to upgrade various gadgets in Watch Dogs: Legion. You can acquire them in the open world or through completing missions. In this guide, we will be going over all the Watch Dogs Legion City of Westminster Tech Point Locations.

Watch Dogs Legion City of Westminster Tech Point Locations

The tech points collectibles can be found all over the open world of Watch Dogs: Legion, some harder to get to than others.

These are marked as green icons on the map and each Collectible will give you 10 tech points.

Unlocking a new tech gadget will cost you 15 tech points and upgrading it will cost you 25-45 tech points to fully upgrade it.

We recommend that you unlock the Deep Profile with your first tech points and then upgrade the Spider bot and get Electro-fist, which will help take down enemies easily.

So here are the tech point collectibles in the City of Westminster:

Somerset House
Get to the inner part of the somerset house utilizing a cargo drone. Then use spider bot to get below the floor of the house and you will find the Collectible in lower floor vents.

Thorne’s Felts
Get to Thorne’s Felts and either get down the stairs via maneuvering the spider bot to get the Collectible under the stairs or you go through the main entrance and go through a couple of rooms to get to those stairs.

Covent Garden Piazza
Just throw your spider bot from the hole in shuttering and the Collectible will be just to the left from there.

Regalia Theatre
Use a cargo drone to access Regalia Theatre. The Collectible will be just in the open on a walkway between two houses.

Go to Chinatown back alley and use Spider bot to access the caged area through a small hole in the side and get the Collectible.

London Carriage Service
Go outside the carriage service building and use security cameras to get inside the building and reach the floor where the Collectible is.

You will also find a spider bot on the same floor, activate it, and use it to access the vent where the Collectible is.

Canadian High Commission
With the cargo drone’s help, get to the roof of high commission and the Collectible will be there in the open.

Admiralty Arch
Go to the Admiralty Arch with a cargo drone and the Collectible will be in the open on the bridge connecting two buildings over the street.

New Scotland Yard
Go in the building of Scotland Yard as a uniformed employee and you will find the Collectible in an office on the upper floor.

Downing Street
Get to the middle of downing street 10 compound with a Cargo drone and you will find the Collectible in the open.

Palace of Westminster
The Collectible is on the alcove of the palace of Westminster facing outside towards the city. You can access it by drone.

Westminster Abbey
Access the abbey with the cargo drone, and you will find it right next to it.

Broca Tech
Access the building with a spider bot, and you will find the Collectible in a vent on the ground floor.

Buckingham Palace
This one is right in front of the entrance of the palace on a road blockade.

Buckingham Palace Gardens
On top of a box in the Buckingham Palace Garden.

Wellington Arch
Go on the rooftop of the Wellington Arch and use spider bot to go through the vents and retrieve the Collectible.

Buckingham Royal Mews
Inside the building, you will find this Collectible in a garage.

Go to the roof of SIRS HQ and use the panel to unlock the room where the Collectible is. You will find the panel on the right of the room where the Collectible is.

Perry Harris Redevelopment
This is a huge construction site, and you can get the Collectible at the bottom of this site with spider bot easily.

Lambeth Bridge
You can pick up the collectible tech point yourself by hacking the gate or you can throw a spider bot and get the tech points.

Vauxhall Bridge
Use spider bot to access the downward side of this bridge from the right side and for that, you will have to shoot a barrel and make way for spider bot to get the tech point collectible.