Genshin Impact Update 1.1 – New Characters, Event & Area

The details for update 1.1 for Genshin Impact have been released today, shutting down or confirming all previous leaks. The new update will arrive on November 11th and will include new 5 star characters, questline, and a co-op event. The full extend of this patch is unknown for now. However, there’s a variety of information pointing to a big expansion to the world of Genshin Impact.

Apart from the update notes, a new trailer for the Genshin update 1.1 was released, showcasing the new characters as well as cutscenes from what looks like the next chapter in the game’s story:

Genshin Impact Update 1.1 New Characters

  • Childe – 5* Hydro hero: Uses a bow although the trailer shows him yielding a sword and polearm too
  • Zhongli – 5* Geo hero: Uses a polearm
  • Diona – 4* Cryo hero: Uses a bow
  • Xinyan – 4* Pyro hero: Uses a claymore

New Content

  • Liyue story chapter end
  • New Area
  • A new mob which drops gems and items when caught
  • Portable teleporter and cooking pot
  • Keqing, Xiao & Ganyu in story
  • New weekly world boss for Liyue

New Reputation System

This new reputation system will include a separate part for each region. For the time being, we’ll get 2, one for Moondstadt, and one for Liyue. The system will release alongside a new NPC which will award the player with new wings, name cards, and recipes. The original thread mentions that advancing in reputation level 2 will award players with an item that can scan for mining spots. Advancing to level 4 will reward players with store discounts.

New Items

  • Anemo Bottle which can collect Anemo wisps
  • Fujin’s Eye Resonance Stone which can scan for Anemoculi

Genshin Impact Update 1.1 New Event

The Unreturned Star Event seems to be following the same pattern as the Crucible one we saw earlier this month. The event will be co-op and its rewards include a few Fischl amongst others.

Genshin Impact update 1.1 will roll out on November 11th. You might want to stack up on those sweet primogems in order to try your luck with the new characters. Xinyan looks like a solid 10 to try and go for since there are not many good fire characters to rely on if you weren’t lucky enough to get Diluc yet.

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