Watch Dogs Legion Prologue Walkthrough

In this Watch Dogs Legion Prologue walkthrough, we will cover the prologue section in detail. We will talk about the quests you need to complete to pass the prologue section of Watch Dogs Legion.

Watch Dogs Legion Prologue

The latest installment in the Watch Dogs series comes with a highly detailed city of London, brimming with things to do and places to explore.

The fact that you can explore all of these burrows at your own pace while you recruit and play as anyone can be quite overwhelming.

That’s why we recommend that you focus on the main quests initially and then go on to recruit an army of weirdos.

Legion’s prologue consists of two main missions.

  • Operation Westminster
  • Restart DedSec

We will be discussing both of these missions here in detail.

Operation Westminster

The very first mission of Watch Dogs Legion will have you breaking into the Westminster Palace in London as a DedSec member named Dalton.

Investigate the Threat to Parliament
As soon as the initial cutscene ends, head deeper into the tunnel until you reach a point where an enemy awaits with his back turned towards you.

Get close enough to take him down and then proceed forward to the door nearby.

The door will have a glowing touchpad on its side. You can use this touchpad to open the door.

Continue until you reach a small room and then leap towards the ledge, which will take you into a locked room.

Unlocking the Door
Access the door to reveal the red line that shows you where you need to go in order to open the door.

Ride the cameras to scan the room for enemies and arm traps while you look for a Closed-Circuit Terminal that you need to access to open the door.

Now it’s up to you; however, you want to deal with this situation. You can take an aggressive approach or do it the stealthy way.

Use the traps to distract the guards or move around them using stealth.

You could just go in there guns ablaze as well. Deal with the guards and then access the terminal to open the door.

Ahead of the Locked Door.
You’ll soon reach a room that is rigged with explosives to destroy the whole palace.

This room has 2 cameras for you to use and tag all the patrolling enemies.

All the enemies will be patrolling, so it’s wise to mark them because that will let you know which way they are headed.

Make your way across the room using cover and carefully watching the marked enemies.

Once you are safely across, turn left and continue down the tunnel to reach a rusted gate.

Open that gate to trigger a cutscene. Once the cutscene ends, interact with the detonator to trigger yet another cutscene.

Deal with the Ambush
A bunch of enemies will approach you as the DedSec AI Bagley tries to defuse the bomb.

You cannot rely on stealth during this encounter, so your only option is to take cover and shoot back while the Bomb Defusing Bar reaches 100.

Using the traps around the area to halt the enemy’s attack is a good strategy.

Once the bar reaches 100, Bagley will ask you to interact with the defuse yourself, and that triggers another cutscene, which shows Dalton defusing the bomb.

Getting to the Rooftop Antenna
Once you learn that the palace was not the only target, Bagley tells you about the transmission antenna on the roof nearby.

Start backtracking until you reach an area with a lot of locked doors towards the right side.

You need a keycard which is on a desk in the room to your left.

Hijack, the camera on the desk and download the keycard.

Now open the locked door and proceed forward. You will come across a group of guards down the hall.

Just follow the yellow mission marker to reach a cutscene, and that finishes the Operation Westminster mission.

Restarting DedSec

In this mission, you will be hacking into the Blume Data Centre to recruit some helping hands for DedSec.

The Spider Bot
Things start as you control a hijacked camera and try to grab a spider bot in the vicinity. Simply look at the spider bot to get the prompt and hijack it.

Start moving around the area and jump over the wall to reach a ctOS vent, which you can interact with to proceed forward.

Hack the electrical panel to reveal the new area behind the wall. Climb up the stairs and follow the objective marker to reach a red outlet.

Hacking this outlet will complete the objective “Access ctOS Data Clusters”.

You need to hack the remaining 2 outlets in whatever order you prefer as well.

After you hack all 3 outlets, a new device will become available for you to hack. Hacking the device will provide you with 15 different characters to choose from.

In Watch Dogs Legion, every character has a different background, abilities, weapons, and some even have very useful perks. So, pick the character that best suits your playstyle.

Getting to the Safe House
After you are done choosing your first character, Sabine will ping the location of your new safe house on your map. Get into a car and drive to the location on your map.

Head inside the building, and you will be presented with a puzzle by Sabine. These puzzles are called Network Bypass, and you will have to solve these quite often throughout the game.

Interact with the panel on the side of the door to reveal the network lines. You need to rotate these circuits to disable the security system.

You need to create a blue circuit path to open the door.

Keep rotating the nodes until a complete blue circuit is formed.

Once you unlock it, head inside and interact with the radiator to unlock the secret entrance.

Power up the Safe House
Follow the mission marker and turn on the power. As you turn on the power, Bagley (DedSec’s AI) will threaten to lock you inside if you don’t provide her identification.

To fix this, head upstairs and interact with the glowing ctOS server to restart DedSec’s servers.

Now head over to the table and contact Sabine, which will trigger a cutscene. She will ask you to start the resistance with DedSec.

Suit Up
Now that you are officially a part of DedSec, they will give you some equipment and tech that can be picked up from the workbench nearby.

You will learn about Tech Points and get a non-lethal pistol as well. You can use the 10 Tech Points.

First, you have to either buy an AR invisibility cloak or a Spider Bot.

We recommend unlocking the Spider Bot as that lets you hack almost any access point and comes with a non-lethal takedown as well.

After this, you will be shown your wardrobe, where you can buy different DedSec themed clothing items for all your characters.

The next step is learning how to fight.

Throw Some Punches
Head to the boxing ring where you will be taught how to fight without a gun by Connie Robinson.

Here are the objectives that you need to complete while you are in the ring with Connie

  • Perform three successful attacks against Connie
  • Undertake three successful guard breaks
  • Perform three counter-attacks by dodging and then following up with a punch
  • Defeat Connie Robinson

After completing all of the objectives, leave the safe house to complete the Restarting DedSec mission.

And with this, you are done with the WD Legion Prologue. From this point onwards, you are free to explore the different boroughs of London in any order you want.

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