Watch Dogs Legion Islington and Hackney Tech Point Locations Guide

This Watch Dogs Legion Islington and Hackney Tech Point Locations guide contains the location of all the tech points that you can find in this borough of London.

In Watch Dogs Legions, tech points are extremely important as they will let you upgrade your gadgets and weapons. You can find tech points by either finishing certain missions or you can just hunt them as you explore the 8 regions in the game.

Watch Dogs Legion Islington and Hackney Tech Point Locations

There are a total of 12 tech points in the Islington and Hackney region of WD Legion. Tech Points are automatically marked on the map once you raise the status of a borough to Defiant.

Let’s now look at each tech point location in Islington and Hackney in detail so you can upgrade your elite operatives.

Tech Point Location 1
The first tech point location will be in Battlebridge basin. You need to take your quadcopter as soon as you enter the area to the right where you will find a lighted balcony.

Land your quadcopter here and find the tech point on the table in front of you.

Tech Point Location 2
The next one is located in Finsbury New Project Restricted area. Just like above, access the area through your map.

As you are over the area, call the spider bot, use it a go through the tunnel-like area till you reach the end of it and then continue on this path.

You will then find a wooden plank and a water-filled area with blocks on the sides that you can jump onto. Go to the left side of this area to find the tech point.

Tech Point Location 3
For the next one, access The Sandstone Residence via your map. Through the spider bot into the premises and guide it to the tech point.

Go through the vent hatch behind the parked car, use the panel in front of the bot to unlock the door, go up the stairs and enter the residence.

Hide from the hostiles in here using the furniture and the blocks. Go straight and then right at the end of the first room.

Continue through the glass doors, go straight past the guards and enter the vent hatch and finally jump up the blocks here to find the tech point.

Tech Point Location 4
Access Seam Night Club, which luckily has public access. Hover to the right side of the building, where you will find a yellow-colored missing section. This is the balcony that has the tech point.

Tech Point Location 5
Access Neogate, a restricted area, so you will have to use the spider bot again. Drop down the spider bot and guide it through the vent and then go left and then right.

Continue going and then turn left, go down the stairs, into the vent and to the other side where you can find the vent that can be hijacked.

Use the big pipes to access another vent on your left on the roof. At the end of this vent, you can find the tech point.

Tech Point Location 6
Next up is Fusilli Tower, which has public access. The tech point is on the top of the tower, lying just beside the dead body.

Tech Point Location 7
The next location will be Inspire tower. Even though this is a restricted area, luckily, the tech point will be right there on the balcony as soon as you spawn in the area on your quadcopter.

Tech Point Location 8
The area of interest for this tech point will be the World of Tomorrow. But since this is a guarded area, you need to use the spider bot so through it on the roof and guide it to the tech point below on the ground, beside the gaming console. Don’t forget to avoid the guards.

Tech Point Location 9
For the next one, you need to go to Stafford Auto Garage. Use the spider bot and distract the guard on the balcony. Drop down from the roof and go down the stairs.

Go straight and then right to find a panel that you can interact with to unlock the door and then go through the door on your left, up the stairs on your right.

Avoid the guard and go through the glass door to find the tech point on your left.

Tech Point Location 10
Now access Hackney Bath to find the next tech point. Use the spider bot to open the electric door and then the vent on the left.

Go up the stairs into the hall. Stay undetected and go up the stairs. Quickly go right and pass the two guards. Open the glass door, jump on the table and get the tech point.

Tech Point Location 11
The next tech point is located in the Old Canal Warehouse. Simply take your quadcopter a bit up from the spawn location, turn left to find the tech point on top of the round steel structure.

Tech Point Location 12
The Final Tech point is in Cargo Collective. As soon as you spawn, guide the quadcopter to the left to download the key on the laptop.

Drop down on the stairs on the left and enter the small room via electric door to access the last tech point of Islington and Hackney in Watch Dogs Legions.