Price & Specs Will Negatively Impact PS5 Sales, Says Analyst

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan believes that sacrificing hardware specifications to ensure cheaper consoles—Xbox Series S—is not something consumers want. That statement is now being put under a microscope.

According to analyst Hideki Yasuda of Ace Research Institute, what Ryan stated is based on no available data and is hence unfounded. Sony aims to sell more than 7.6 million PS5 units in the first year alone but Ace Economic Research Institute continues to favor its earlier forecast of 6 million units sold. Yasuda also notes that PS5 pre-orders may not actually be as much as Sony is teasing.

Sony says that the Ace Economic Research Institute’s anxiety about PS5 is nothing more than a melancholy, but at the moment it is highly likely that the size of the game console is affecting sales.

Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox brand, recently stated that Xbox Series S will outsell Xbox Series X in the long term because “price really matters.” That is the complete opposite of Ryan who stated that he as a consumer would not be happy with an intentionally nerfed but cheap console.

It will be hence interesting to see which of the two statements come true when both console manufacturers reveal sales figures next year.

Xbox Series S retails at $300 against Xbox Series X at $500. The all-digital Series S features trimmed-down specifications which Microsoft states are enough to run games in 60-120 frames per second at 1440p resolution.

PS5 and its all-digital edition in comparison actually have the same hardware except for a disc drive. It is why the PS5 digital edition retails at $400, which many believe will prove to be a breaking point in the long term.

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