Hitman 3 Switch Port Announced, Coming Via Cloud Play

The Nintendo Switch will be getting a new series on it through the magic of Cloud Play soon. A Hitman 3 Switch port has been announced by IO Interactive, joining the other versions via the Cloud rather than through a cartridge. Currently, however, no date has been set for a release.

Hitman 3 is the third game in a trilogy and the conclusion to the story arc begun with the “first” Hitman game back in 2016. In the game, Agent 47 continues his fight against the secret society Providence by attempting to track down and kill its Partners, the three founding members.

Once again, the game will take 47 to a vast array of different locations, such as Dubai. IO Interactive posted a gameplay preview during the summer that showed off some gameplay in Dubai as 47 infiltrated an enormous skyscraper to sneak into an exclusive party and take out his target.

The Hitman 3 Switch port will likely have all of the same content as the other games, including every mission from the previous two games, which IO Interactive have said will also be available. This, of course, doesn’t include the timed Elusive Target missions or the Ghost multiplayer mode.

While the Ghost mode will be taken out, however, the Escalation Contracts mode, where players can create certain missions to challenge friends and other players online, will be staying. At the same time, there is some cause for concern with the game.

Various other graphics-intensive or large games on the Nintendo Switch have been forced to cut back on content, such as the FIFA games. While this hopefully won’t be a problem for the Hitman 3 Switch port, IO may not have announced it yet.

So far IO has only introduced Dubai and England as locations players will be visiting in Hitman 3, but hopefully we’ll get many more in the future. Hitman 3 will be releasing on January 20 for the Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. As stated above, there’s no date yet for the Switch.