PS4 Lifetime Sales Nearly 114 Million Units Before PS5 Launch

PlayStation 4 manages to further cement itself as the fourth best-selling console of all time as Sony Interactive Entertainment prepares to start shipping out its PS4 successor across the globe in a few weeks.

According to an earnings report for the second quarter of the 2020 financial year, Sony moved about another 1.5 million units to have its PS4 lifetime sales stand at 113.8 million units. Take note that the figures are for consoles shipped to retailers and not consoles sold to consumers which is likely lower.

PS4 now needs to sell an additional 4 million units to surpass Game Boy to become the third best-selling console of all time. The Nintendo DS family sits at second place, and PS2 at first with a monstrous tally of more than 155 million units sold in its lifetime.

It should be noted that despite PlayStation 5 launching this holiday season, many publishers and developers are not going to ignore releases for PS4. Sony at first noted that upcoming first-party games will be exclusive to only PS5 but later suggested support for cross-generation releases. The same latter support has been confirmed by Microsoft as well. That and the impact of COVID-19 on economies worldwide are factors that analysts believe will see consumers opting for PS4 instead of the pricier PS5 down the road.

Sony looks to sell more than 7.6 million units of PS5 in the first year alone and more than 100 million units in the long term. The latter milestone however is expected to be achieved by PS5 faster than PS4 which took nearly six years after launching back in 2013.

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