More Sony PS5 Pre-Orders Have Been Sold In 12 Hours Than PS4 In 12 Weeks

In case you didn’t know how excited people were for the Playstation 5, Jim Ryan is very excited to tell you. According to him, more Sony PS5 pre-orders have been sold in its first 12 hours of availability than the PS4’s first 12 weeks, sparking concerns of demand exceeding supply when November 12 rolls around.

While the Playstation 5 has been shown to not be as powerful as the Xbox Series X, the various showcases that Sony released have shown off a huge number of highly anticipated exclusive games coming out on launch and in the next few years.

Such games include a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, a remake of Demon’s Souls, a standalone expansion to the Insomniac Spider-Man game, Final Fantasy 16, and a great many more. With all of these games lined up ahead of time, it’s no wonder the pre-orders are so high.

Of course, with Sony PS5 pre-orders being so high, Ryan did bring up the possibility of scarcity around the time of the release date. Considering the popularity of the console and distribution difficulties due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic (which necessitated The Last Of Us 2 being delayed several months ago), that may be a very real prospect.

Along with all of the pre-orders that need to be reserved, there will also likely be a very large demand from people that didn’t pre-order and are buying the console the day of release, which could very quickly cause stores to run out.

There’s also the possibility of scalpers reserving multiple copies that they can then sell at a markup, which always happens whenever a much-anticipated electronic device comes out. It’s possible that many Sony PS5 pre-orders are from scalpers to begin with.

However it turns out, the Playstation 5 will be releasing on November 12 in major regions, and November 19 everywhere else.