Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.13 Brings Performance Improvements, Bug Fixes

Crystal Dynamics has released a new patch today, and Marvel’s Avengers update 1.13 appears to be just what players need to not only fix up some of the bigger bugs but also improve on the game’s performance. You can also get some new resources if you log in before November 5.

The resources are compensation for an announcement Crystal Dynamics recently made, which said they would be delaying not only new heroes but also the game’s next-gen release. Hopefully all of the improvements shown in the patch notes will help to take the sting off too.

To start off with, multiple crash issues have been resolved, and a bug has been fixed in the level Condition Green where players would sometimes clip out of the world. A rare bug in the Gathering of Evil mission where Abomination would become unresponsive has also been fixed.

Various multiplayer improvements have also been made for an easier experience in Marvel’s Avengers update 1.13. An issue where players who weren’t friends couldn’t join via invites has been resolved, as has an issue where starting a Quick Match as Any Hero could break up teams.

Combat has also been improved in the game, improving offscreen attack indicators, fixing areas where enemies don’t spawn, improving Iron Man transitions between flying and landing, and fixing an issue with Captain America where his Shield Dive move would take him out of the world.

The user interface has also been adjusted with Marvel’s Avengers update 1.13, doing things like making the Quick Match button visible whenever multiplayer is allowed (regardless of matchmaking preference), and addressing issues with missing or excess Skill Points.

The update is currently available on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC versions of the game, though you’ll have to wait a while if you play on Google Stadia. Either way, if you want to read the patch notes for yourself, you can find them here.