Xbox Series X & Series S Pre-Orders Lasted 2 Minutes On Amazon Mexico

Xbox Series X and Series S continues to see a substantially high demand in all major regions and that too before the holiday season. This story of pre-orders selling out as soon as going live is the same as before.

Xbox Series X and Series S pre-orders officially went live in Mexico earlier today. The entire stock was reportedly (via Reddit) wiped clean on Amazon Mexico within 2 minutes while Walmart Mexico lasted barely 10 minutes.

Further confirmation about the availability of the new Xbox consoles in Mexico remains pending, but it should be no surprise that the first wave of stock has sold out. Japan, for example, received a second wave of stock last week and which sold out within a few hours across all major retailers. The first wave from last month was similarly sold out in Japan but in less time.

Australia and New Zealand were some of the first countries to start taking pre-orders for Xbox Series X and Series S last month. The high demand crippled all online stores and marketplaces. By the time order was restored, all available console units had been sold out within the hour. The same was witnessed in the United Kingdom and India across major retailers, including Amazon and Microsoft Store.

Mexico must now wait for Microsoft to ship out a second wave of stock and which should happen after a few weeks. Those unlucky to not secure themselves a next-generation console should cross their fingers for a second try.

Microsoft though has assured that the high demand will be met “within a few months” after its next-generation launch.

Xbox Series X and Series S launch worldwide on November 10, 2020, for $500 and $300 respectively.

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